Twitter Enables New Interface for All Users

After a few months in which certain users have access, on Thursday Twitter decided to activate the new interface for absolutely everyone to publish their nonsense in the service microblog. The information was provided by @Support, the microblogging account that – as the name suggests – answers questions from users and warns you about news.

I have the “New New Twitter” from the beginning. They explained that the owners of mobile devices that lower their new version of the official client for iOS and Android immediately have the new look on. Since then I have been using the revamped interface and, to be honest, I have not much to complain about.

The front & back-end developer(!) Of our site, Leandro Alonso, had failed until last week to activate the feature blessed. He took my iPad, added to his account, logged in and all he could. Did not work. I imagine that, thanks to the change that occurred today, it also has access to the “New New Twitter”.

Do you approve the new (which is not so new) Twitter interface? Tell in the comments.