Understand the Importance of Toys in the Formation

Every child likes to play and that’s not just fun. There is much more behind a game and a recreational activity than you think. Is through the toys that many jokes happen, so what is the importance of them for the training of children? Vary with respect to age group or function? We brought answers to these and other questions about the matter. Check out!

The Importance Of Play

The jokes are essential to a good development in childhood and put them in touch with the world. Playing the small observe and recreate reality, explore the senses and, therefore, playful activities are essential for developing social, emotional, cognitive and physical according to Rctoysadvice.com.

Play is so important that it is considered to be one of the universal rights of the child, adopted at the UN General Assembly in 1959. As well as health and education, this activity is essential for childhood to develop healthily.

The Role Of Toys In The Formation Of Children

The toys make the games more rich and fruitful. They establish bridges between the internal and external world. Through them, the child re-creates the reality in which he lives. Moreover, they teach, early on, about caution, responsibility and altruism.

The Ideal Toy For Each Phase

A child can be charmed by a special toy for any age. However, each is aimed at a stage of child development.

The toys can help to discover and improve motor skills, sensory and emotional. So, before choosing some, take into account the level of motor and cognitive performance of children.

While they are babies, development is faster and each month is full of discoveries. At that stage, the ideal is to bet on toys that stimulate sight and sound, like mobiles and rattles. In the first year of life, they’re ready to play with dolls and pieces, that stimulate motor skills.

During early childhood, which occurs from the 2 to 6 years, the games should involve interaction with the other, games that stimulate concentration and creativity.

From 7 years, cognitive ability and reasoning are ready to conduct jogos strategy and puzzles. It is also important to encourage games that promote the respect to the next, because from that age, the children tend to reject those who are different from them.

The Difference Between Educational And Educational Toys

All the toys somehow assist in child development. However, there are those that are specially made to help them develop skills and learning content.

The educational help to explore the possibilities and develop new skills. With them, the child is able to stimulate various skills such as logical thinking and motor coordination, in addition to developing the perception of colors, shapes and sounds. We can cite as examples the games, rattles and musical instruments.

Teaching them have the function of strengthening a content that your child is learning. Can be used at home or in the classroom, but have clearer rules and play need targeting.

To know if at any given time, your son needs a toy educational or teaching activities as stay tuned to what you want it to reach: develop skills or enhance content.

Experts in pedagogy, psychology and other areas that are related to childhood, underscore the importance of the games to the formation of the child. So choose a toy is in addition to the appearance that he has, are learning tools, expand the looks and need to be chosen carefully.

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