Updated: How To Choose Eyeglasses For Your Face Type!

Today’s post is dedicated to girls who don’t know how to choose eyeglasses for your face type. This theme really can be a dilemma, since we don’t always have the exact notion of what can highlight our strengths and disguise certain defeitinhos! But, with the help of optical consultant Eric Gozlan, which has two stores here in Curitiba, came to light around here!

To start, we need to characterize the type of face of each woman. The classification is the image consultant Christopher Bemvenutti, which does a really nice job of body Anatomy and use of colors! I’ve done two courses with her and I can say that my head opened a lot in this respect–as much for myself as for help on some questions.

Motto 21

As is: Has the width and the length proportional and the jaw and forehead, large.

Example: Maria Casadevall (Thais Marques too! hahahaha)

Glasses: Subtly curved frames of type Kitty help lengthen and soften the angles of the face.

Chilli Beans

As is: The face is wide, but with a more elongated length.

Example: Angelina Jolie

Glasses: Combines with curved or even rounded glasses, which give harmony and soften the length of the face.

Anna Flynn

As is: Usually has a large forehead, a prominent Chin and cheekbone bone is clearly visible.

Example: Victoria Beckham

Glasses: Frames slightly wider and bigger on the bottom rim.

L.G. R

As is: The jaw is wider than your forehead.

Example: Kelly Osbourne

Glasses: The jaw can be smoothed with the choice of frames to call attention to the upper part of the face. A suggestion are frameless glasses on the bottom rim.

A Mi Manera

As is: The Chin is thin, and in some cases there’s a starters in the hair, which resembles the shape of a heart.

Example: Amir Abd Razak

Glasses: Visually heavy frames, round, curved or narrow, that balance the cheeks with the forehead and Chin.


As is: The face is as wide as long. This face is the “Fountain of youth” because it appears less aging than the other faces.

Example: Isis Valverde

Glasses: The ideal are the geometric frames slightly curved or narrow.

Motto 21

As is: More elongated than the round face, has the curved lateais.

Example: Emma Watson

Glasses: Any frame, since the glasses complement the natural shape of the face.

And there, helped about how to choose eyeglasses for your face type? Of course there’s rule, because the important thing always is feel good. But for those who were wondering, I think it was worth a go, right? Tell me there if you enjoyed the post! Pretty soon, you’re going to have a about use of colors. Stand by!