US Agency Examines Whether the “Googlepólio” Really Exists

Remember the time consuming and complicated process that Microsoft faced in the United States due to the dominance of the PC market? The Google endangers face similar situation. It resides in the office of the Commissioners of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission or the Federal Trade Commission) a memorandum with over a hundred pages reporting uncompetitive practices of internet giant.

Only five organ leaders decide whether the process will start or not. Google domain would abuse in the search industry, in addition to violating antitrust laws. The memorandum concludes that Google stifles competition in internet business.

There are a number of open questions. For example, if Google uses the predominance of system Android in the smartphone market to discourage manufacturers from using other search services on the network, such as Bing or Yahoo (the engine uses technology from Microsoft).

Agency commissioners studying whether Google because the increase in advertising rates on competitors. It would be more difficult for advertisers who hire the AdWords or other solution compare campaign data on other sites.

The FTC conducted a major investigation into Google’s offices for 19 months. Company’s competitors were invited to testify about allegedly harmful practices of largest search the internet.

Also in check, the Motorola patents would allow Google to prevent Apple and Microsoft use video compression technology on mobile devices. Agency researchers check whether Google fulfills the promises made ​​to announce the acquisition of Motorola Mobility , Motorola Old arm which produces smartphones, in a multibillion – dollar business last year.

It is not today that talks about “googlepólio”. Here in Brazil the most important case involves Buscapé Company group and a number of e-commerce sites and comparison of lower prices. Accuse Google Brazil unfair competition to display product offerings collected by Google Shopping technology highlighted in the research.

Google won Buscapé / Bondfaro the first instance of another lawsuit in courts of São Paulo.