Use the Correct Fastener

It is very common to meet women (of any age), which used inadequate fasteners.
You may think some/a reader for this article are just opinions, but the reality is that it is not from that.
The staff of professionals that foprmamos directly or indirectly “group interdisciplinary populariser of knowledge in lingerie SAYFIT”, are very sensitive to this issue.

The group is formed by professionals of the Sector and of health. We are not satisfied with the idea that 7 out of 10 women don’t use the BRA size and Cup their fair and that there is nothing to do to improve these figures.
We know that it all depends on the professional commitment of all / as.
150 shops recommended by SAYFIT, for example, are establishments with the expertise necessary to inform and help each user who approaches, to find the garment you need. And we’re not talking just of sizes and cups. Also we talk about sport, seduction, lifestyle, lifestyle, aesthetics, comfort…
For this reason, the technique used for many years which is to help the user in the tester, has improved considerably, as added new techniques of bra-fitting, which will help you correctly choose the garment. the professionals called Personal Shopper, have an obligation to learn these techniques to dress a woman on the inside, not just outside.
And what is clear is that there are very few specialists in bra-fitting. Just look to your around and discover poorly placed pieces, tight, big, small, or inadequate.
Not help a person who needs expert advice, go to a store for low prices and selling by impulse.
I stress again that it is very important to go to stores experts as the recommended Sayfit, and discover the brands recommended. Now they have the first. It’s the clearbrand, which has found the “market niche” that have left other classic brands that have disappeared from the scene.