Vase with Diamond

Hello, how are you? Today I bring you a very basic idea fordecorating our vases. I’ve done it with Diamond also known as glitter, a Ribbon and white glue. This decor is very elegant and eye-catching, but non-permanent which allows you to renew the decoration of your vases with ease.
I repeat that this is just an idea, not we call it tutorial really because there’s nothing complicated and not bring anything new.But as in the majority of occasions, I’ve done a video that left them below and I hope be useful to decorate their vases with diamond.

The materials you need for this craft are:

Vase from a glass at, or just use an empty bottle

White glue

Diamantina (glitter) in my case is blue, you can use the color you want or make a combination

A brush to apply adhesive

Beading to decorate-optional

Gun silicone and silicone (only if you use slats)

And this was all too simple, I made a compilation with some ideas found on Pinterest where you can see how to apply glitter to all your accessories and some other household objects to fill your life with brightness.

Pen with glitter.

The first of the ideas that I am presenting to you is very similar to the vases that I’ve done, so we can dip into a glass jar that we will throw away, like jam or condiments. Just have to cover in full the jar with glue and sprinkle over diamond, which is pretty right?
Decorated letters

Letters we can find for sale in shops specialized in crafts or large haberdashery, with them can form the phrase or Word that you prefer, or put your name. We can just cover with diamond to give our room a very glamorous effect.
Tree branch

This is a tree branch dry, ideal as centerpiece on our dinners or celebrations, an idea very resultón and economic.

Pencils with glamour

Because Yes, even pencils that we carry to school we can put them shine. In the example only goes on top so we can get good tip, but my I would like to apply to the length of the pencil, do me you say?

In shoes

Whether it is that you want to disguise as Dorothy or have an upcoming event and want to look you, this is an excellent choice.Cover your old shoes with glue and diamantina and thus give them a new life.

I hope that these ideas have inspired you to decorate with diamond. See you in the publication on Thursday.