Vintage Fashion

The Vintage Look seems not to tear down:well preserved clothes or fabrics for clothing from the 50’s and 60’s are still very popular. Can some Second-Hand-laden the more than 50-year-old well-preserved clothing won’t get, as required by the demand. The original product is especially popular, because at that time hardly “off the rack *” was purchased.

In the 50s, the new dress came to measurements and various fittings directly from the cutter, if it was not sewn. The edges of the fabric were gekantelt by hand (with a loop stitch Serged), because the old sewing machines allowed still no zigzag or required too much expensive thread here. Hand embroidered buttonhole with buttonhole silk * were at that time as well of course as a blind hem sewn by hand.

Today’s new fashion picks up accents of the rockabillytime and of the 40s. While new T-Shirts mimic the rockabilly fashion of the 50s on the one hand (not there T-Shirts at the time still as outerwear) much itself is sewn parallel again or made by the young designer. Also from old curtain fabrics the creative sewing a custom dress or a brisk Rock after new or old rockabilly patterns *. So is ‘ second hand ‘ newly processed. Quality is again said, who has also becoming an individual touch.

What not in the 70s ended up years old clothes collection and then resold abroad or was scrapped for rags (the SIN), is today – if still good customers well-preserved available – at top prices. Caution is only required when purchasing online from budget resolutions: was stored clothing in the basement, she often musty smells and is usually as described “Attic Fund”. Often, even the best home remedies fail the muffin smell, even though they may be worth a try. Strong smell of muffin can be not removed, remains only the disposal or ozone cleaning when a specialist, because what helps against unpleasant odours in the Interior of a car, can eliminate even a musty smell from antique textiles.

Who would have thought then that old Burda-are again popular books with patterns from 50s, 60s, and 70s. Just young designers who have become independent with their individual fashion, like old cuts take the vintage fashion classics * in her collection on to change it easily. With a little luck, you can get the old “Burda moden” * still on ebay * at a bargain price. Because now the fabric manufacturer on old patterns reflect, hence new clothes with retro patterns can be sewn that resemble the originals from that time and expertly manufactured in the ancient craft of Schneider.

Due to the present was published in August 2014 a new book * fashion classics with patterns (vintage models from the 1920s to 1980s based on VINTAGEWILL) in the BurdaStyle *. On October 22, 2014 burda style also a vintage book with 12 original cuts from the 1950s as special * out. The matching for substances * on * to find.

Also the buttons again play a major role. Were formerly separated from old unusable clothing buttons and stored for further use, so the old clothes ended up mostly “beknopft” to the trash or in the collection of old clothes since the 80s. This beautiful buttons were always a high cost factor and were usually more expensive than fabric and sewing thread. So which finds button collection today even ur Grandma’s at the great-grandchild, fallen, how many young people of her generation to needle and thread accesses.

Whether in a sewing school * learned or taught via ‘Learning by doing’ itself: the young generation – whether male or female – spices up creative existing clothes on or sewing custom clothing completely themselves. Even today, there’s Schnittmusterbogen to cycling from magazines of fashion even if regularly to find them in the newspaper shop on the corner, because the newsagent orders them only on order. Pattern, where only the appropriate size must be cut out, have some fabric departments of department stores in large selection in stock. Also you can find many on the Internet, either free of charge or for a fee as a download available standing or by post to reach the customer. Sometimes also the already worn-out favorite garment is cut completely, so that it can then serve as a sure matching pattern.

Among others also again knee-length flowing skirts are so to see that, with or without petticoat * , today but not with good blouse but with a cheeky shirt in the animal print can be combined. To wavy hair, which is subdued with a to the shirt or fitting rock band and a subtle make up with the typical red lips of the 40s. With pin up shoes * combined with a retro look, emerges as a modern new look.

For the sewing beginner the Circle skirt, without the familiar scene of Marilyn Monroe on the U-Bahn-Schacht not would arise among, often mandatory, because the pattern can be made easily. But often the first attempt fails in the fabric selection. The handle to the cotton fabric (100%) prevents the good fit and voluminous makes even lean woman. Viscose (100%), however, is ideal, contrary to many washing at 30 degrees is washed and ironed.

Not only the designers combine the variety which has to offer the fashion since the 20s up to the early 70s, with new ideas. Also the handle into the wardrobe is marks and individual.