Vintage Fleece Pullovers Sweaters in 1970s Style

If you are an active woman who enjoys walking or running outdoors, it may be worth taking a look at the delicious fleece pullovers in vintage style. A fleece sweater is an ideal choice for the transition period from autumn to winter, due to its insulating and breathable material. The fleece is close to the body and holds back small pockets of air. So you can keep warm and at the same time keep the moisture away. It is a fast drying material that keeps you fit temperedly when you exercise. The artificial micro fibers also repel dirt and grime, so you don’t have to think about a lot of hand washing. Use a fleece sweater for a cool evening on the terrace or a jogging in the autumn. You can use a fleece shirt as the protective middle layer underneath a winter coat.

Women’s Vintage Knit Sweater

Women's Vintage Knit Sweater


Get warm and fashionable clothing for outdoor activities

Although fleece sweater is a practical piece of clothing for outdoor use, it should not be boring to look at. With internetages, you can find a wide range of sweaters in various colors, ranging from classical, subdued shades to fresh summery tones. Several of the jerseys have a convenient zipper, which are equipped with a couple of side pockets and a high collar, as protection for the neck. For running, you can choose to have a fleece shirt in addition with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and take some training pants on. In late summer, it might be nice to wear a fleece sweater over the summer dress, in order to avoid feeling cold. Dive into the wide range of fleece pullovers sweaters online, where you can get lots of new inspirations for your attire.

Vintage Pullover Sweaters


Jumper Sweater for Women Vintage

Jumper Sweater for Women Vintage