Vintage Kids Clothing

The fashion of ‘ second-hand clothing is widespread among adults especially for two main reasons: on the one hand, allows you to add to their wardrobe of good quality garments (and often signed) absolutely unique and unobtainable, making it unique just as the outfits which will be part; on the other hand buy in vintage markets sometimes it is really cheap and you can save a little something, as long as the thought of wearing clothing or accessories used does not make you creepy (but, believe me, with the necessary hygiene measures and the many compliments you will come, it will be difficult to repent of purchase!)

May, such a trend, also be applied to the world of children?

Including babysitting, baby food and diapers, have a child in times of crisis is not exactly easy.Especially for pockets: the latest figures published by the Consumers Association show how the purchasing power of households has fallen, and this is also reflected in the fateful moment of the preparation for the arrival of a child or when to climate change must necessarily be followed by a renewal the wardrobe. Not only the quantity but also the quality of the purchases is lowered.

In this regard, the vintage could be a solution.

Because, in fact, give up the purchase of additional or dresses fashionable and quality just because of second-hand?
The trend of “1980s baby clothes” is gaining more and more in everyday moms and dads prey to the biggest problem that we both: make ends meet.
and ‘why are springing shops real “recycling” of everything that can serve for the care of a child: from Rome to Milan it is therefore also possible to go shopping vintage for their children and in a totally secure.

In Rome there is the cute shop “The Oliver closet” in the Monti district, where you can buy Danish and French brand of clothing, defined by the owners’ children already loved clothes. “In Milan (but also in many other regions in Italian) is the chain “Baby Boom”, where you can not only buy clothes and baby equipment but also resell those that are not used anymore. A clear warning on the site, however, recommended to transfer the objects “in perfect condition, free of defects and clean”, attaching a practical pre-sale guide. From Treviso then comes ” T.riciclo”, a real franchise clothing used and accessories for children that soon will expand overseas, given the many requests from international investors.

What do they really think the mothers?
And you, would you follow the trend of vintage low-cost children?