Vintage Lantern Pendant Light

The LED is by definition contemporary lighting. Quite recently appeared on the market, it is the result of technological progress. And yet! To delight those nostalgic, she can take the retro look by cleverly combining modern performance and retro look. Here is a small selection of products for a deco retro successful LED-based.

Vintage Lantern

In a country house or in the garden, the retro lantern is back in all the decorations. Your turn to play with this trend! Enjoy the charm of the lamp oil with his globe, its base and its wheel, but combine it with the LED through this pretty lantern LED retro. It offers you a warm light as in the past, but it lasts a long time and there is no risk of burn or fire. It turns on and turns off by blowing on it and the dial allows you to adjust the light intensity.

70s Lantern

Full transparency and color the suspension Aurelia offers a nice modern design 70s. Transparent colorful plastic, it is not only elegant but powerful thanks to LED lighting that it broadcasts. Inspired by the body of the jellyfish and also available in light walk, Aurelia is not reminiscent of the design of the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s… As you can see from these examples:

Vintage Style Light

Baroque Style Chair

A baroque look but ultra-modern performance of the LED, this Chair combines elegance and modernity for the pleasure of design enthusiasts. Wooden and plexiglass, the Leon de Philippe Boulet Chair offers a very classical form of Louis XVI inspiration, but his record, his seat and armrests are illuminated according to your wishes. Thanks to the LED, the baroque Chair has 4 feet in the 21th century while retaining its chic and classic elegance.

Vintage Inspired Filament Bulb

If there is an LED product that embodies the vintage it is well the filament bulb ! Many critics complained the lost charm of light bulbs incandescent when the LED has arrived on the market.Cold light, white bulb, remarks erupted. But that’s not counting on the resources of the LED. To satisfy the nostalgic and for lovers of vintage deco to keep the soul of their lights while enjoying the power LED, the filament LED bulb was born.

Of all sizes, all shapes, it is the darling of the market. The evidence with this DIY done by a blogger with our filament bulbs.

So, fans of the vintage trend: no more excuses to skip on the LED. We tell you, we told you, with her, everything is possible!