Vintage Paris

The space of today is full of beautiful things, with an accent of the past. The word “l’embellie” appears on the wall of this apartment in Paris, a boutique filled with nostalgia and that defines very well the ‘brilliance’ of all inside.

Each and every one of the pieces vintage come from area flea markets, and added notes of color to a rustic atmosphere, where green plants bring nature inside. Demijohns, reclaimed doors that change their function and become screens, table lamps type flexo, industrial-style wooden tables…Although it is located in the city of light, it has all amenities and characteristics of a field with a rustic ideal vintage style home. Washed wood effect, many touches of color in green and black, whether in textiles or in Add-ins, they provide natural environment. The herringbone wood flooring is wonderful and brings the much needed warmth.

The kitchen is small, but has all the pots to the eye and a central space to sit and enjoy a quick breakfast, perfect for cooking and living. A dining room without excessive claims, a simple table with two benches, also with the touches of green that roam throughout the House, showing us a way of life, calm and relaxed which would like to mine. And spreads also taste for recover and give new life to objects and furniture: recycling design. In the bedroom, two sheets of Mallorcan window make the times Fund for two bedside tables, which are nothing but two chairs. Two twin hoses play symmetry while the linen Quilt returns to connect with the natural and authentic spirit of the entire House. Vintage total do not you think?

One of the spaces that I like most of this housing is work area, with furniture in wood and metal, with a very authentic industrial vintage. I wouldn’t mind anything working in this space.

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