Vintage Wall Clocks

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage. This word has been shed in many homes in the form of furniture, paintings, lamps or carpets. Just need someone to make a type of pickled pasta so that we have vintage ration in the soup.

Although an old man known by his own definition, it is necessary to recognize that in the last years the vintage is bursting with more force than ever to displace to other decorative styles like the minimalist one. There are still people who bet on neutral colors and simple lines, but with the passage of time gives me the feeling that having a salon nailed to a catalog of decoration is not the dream of some people.

The Collection Of Very Much

To end the monotony in homes, and for people like you and me to look back with the excuse that any past time was better, there are many companies that are heading head to manufacture vintage products like the ones you can see in this article. In this case are the wall clocks of the new collection that has created very much, a chain of shops specializing in decoration accessories that is very familiar with this finish.
Whether it is to know the time or to decorate any room of your home, with one of these wall clocks you will get a vintage touch place it wherever you place it. The most common thing is that it hangs from the wall in a prominent place, but it should not be ruled out in corners or on furniture. The only important thing, at least for Feng Shui fans, is that clocks work. They are able to activate the elements and generate energy, so do your best to change the stack when necessary.

The vintage wall clocks in question are made of wood with a pickled finish. They all measure 34×34 centimeters and their prices range from 6.99 euros for the cheapest and 8.99 euros for the most expensive at With such rates, I augur a great future for this collection appropriate for decorating time.