Wales Announces Wikia 2.0, Redesigned and More Social

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and pop star in his spare time, yesterday announced a “complete overhaul” of its mix of social networking with collaborative portal sites Wikia, founded in 2004. Known for hosting pages on various topics updated constantly by “over 2 million users “, the service never took off the way its creators predicted, mainly overshadowed by the success of his older brother.

To reverse this situation Wales announced that Wikia 2.0, a service remodeling. More focused on the social aspect, the site now has new tools for sharing content such as text, photos and videos, new engine search, new editor and “new opportunities for brands to get in touch with their fans.”

“I’d like to do something nice for people to be like,” said Wales to Forbes magazine, which also states that the changes “have already increased the creations of new wikis by 500%.”

Those interested in giving a return on the site, just visit: