Wall Clock with Photo Frame

Want to create a romantic living area, you’ll never lose sight of the time passing but who can hold on to the most important moments? Thanks to the wall clocks with photo memories and this will always be on the same level and in the same place. Be inspired by the site with PVC Material Wall Clock!

Wall clocks with photos, past, present

It is unclear when the man has begun for the first time to measure the flow of the seasons and the passage of days, but what is certain is that time is a concept that has always fascinated mankind. Time goes forever, never stops, goes on despite everything. It carries away stories and precious moments, memories that we would not let escape. And what’s better than a photograph to freeze a picture and make a lasting impression?

There is an incurable romanticism, in short, in approaching the clocks and photographs, on the one hand the time that passes and the other captured and crystallized a moment in time. The clocks with photos are this: an eternal and tender contrast between an unforgettable moment stolen and the hands that snap rhythmically, to depart from them always more.

The charm of wall clocks with photos is all here, in reminding us of the good times of the past without losing sight of the mind that will come. Why not posizionarne, for example, one in the kitchen? It will help us to avoid burning the delicious cake that we are preparing and, at the same time, every time we look up, we will dive in the happy memories of the first birthday of the small home or that special weekend getaway.

The clocks with pictures, maybe already customized with a few snapshots of our happiest moments are also a great gift idea to surprise your partner or a close friend.

Wall clocks with photos, for every style

Of wall clocks with photos, then, if they are all forms, for all tastes and styles. From the printed dial, square or round, where direct impress your favorite photo; the traditional one, surrounded by so many photo framesdifferent, one for each time of day. Wooden frames pickled or brushed metal, plastic or plexiglass; or even without a frame, a common clock made ​​only of hands and stickers wall with your favorite photos. Not there will be spoiled for choice:

  • the most romantic souls can opt for wall clocks with photos in a heart shape, which frame the sweetest memories with your soulmate, or to a delicate white wooden clock style shabby-chic that will add a note of the living room light or kitchen;
  • Rooms from more modern flavor and decided there is nothing better instead of wall clocks with lacquered wooden picture, perhaps painted in bright colors such as red or green, that will add a touch of color to your memories already in itself brilliant.

Whatever the model, the clocks with pictures fit easily on any wall, white or colored, with wallpaper or decorated by many frames and paintings , becoming protagonists. And every time you or your guests want to know the time, the eye will always fall on those happy thoughts of which you cannot forget.

The clocks with the most beautiful pictures of our site

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