Wall Clocks for Kitchen Suggestions

The watch is an indispensable complement to the kitchen. Useful not only to keep an eye on the cooking time and preparation of the various dishes, but also to define when it’s time to leave this room.

The kitchen is a great sharing the room, where we spend much of our family day, to dedicate ourselves to other rooms or other commitments outside the home.

The kitchen absorbs very long time. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyone gathers around the table; to prepare and enjoy a good coffee, we resort to the hearth; to chat with friends and family, you are where people meet in the kitchen.

In such an important place to mark various moments of our day, we need a just as important support.

The current offer Modern Design wall clocks not very bulky, but characterized by a strongly ironic aesthetic component and impact.

Often, in fact, the basis on rotate the hands, playing in a cheerful and colorful tools and products that we certainly can not do without in the kitchen: cups, plates, cutlery, cookware…

Evidently the kitchen watches are designed and manufactured as supplements which are a very important function: inform us on the flow of the various phases of the day and, at the same time, the perfectly chosen to decorate the walls, bringing new verve, panache, and dynamism in this room .

Pleasant and extremely simple, from the point of view of wall mounting, the model consists of Adesi Murali DDLBiz.

It is a digital wall clock by WallclockStation, composed of several pieces in their own right, with stickers for fixing.

A composition of completed work, the final result is that of a medium size watch, acrylic plastic, non-toxic material, with the rotation mechanism and the reference figures painted in black.

The particularity of this model lies in the fact that the figures of contour have been replaced by huge coffee beans, and the main reference times (3, 6, 9, 12), have been replaced by images of kitchen utensils: a cup steaming coffee; a glass with straw to cool drinks; a teacup with a lot of brew filter; a cup of milk.

A very modern model and ironic, despite the dark colors that characterize it.

Much brighter, the model with Stainless Steel Flatware Jago Lucido .

It is a wall clock with spherical quadrant (36 cm diameter), made ​​of aluminum and plastic, containing reference numerals and sword-shaped cutlery.

The particularity of this model lies in the fact that the dial is externally surrounded by a set of stainless steel cutlery, specifically: forks and spoons in real size.

This wall clock is the perfect solution for every kitchen furnished in a modern style, in need not only of a temporal landmark, but also a point of light and style to create on the chosen wall.

Color is the strong point of the model 2200501 Premier Housewares .

It is a wall clock in red metal, with small circular dial, on which stand figures in white and sword-shaped knife and fork.

The boundary zone is radiated to the dial by a set of cutlery and ladles, arranged so as to create a wider area, diamond shaped.

This “modern painting” characterized by strong colors and original forms, presents itself as the ideal complement for those who love the kitchen preparing and eating good food in the company, in an atmosphere of joy and sharing.