Wall Clocks: Tips And Trends

Clocks are no longer used to tell time, since most people check their cell phones, right? But strangely, even with this habit of people, the wall clocks did not leave the decoration and today are present in various rooms of the house, occupying prominent places among other decorative items.

Often watches share the wall with pictures, photographs or mirrors, composing the environment in an interesting way.

A different and very modern combination is the composition of the wall with several clocks, which mark schedules from various parts of the world, with different time zones.

Antique watches also have their place, and can be coordinated with similar ones, or with more modern and colorful decoration pieces, resulting in a beautiful contrast.

The classic kitchen clock has gained new heights and today it exists in several models and sizes. In addition, we can find themed clocks, made by hand with old forks, food cans, skimmers and bean shells.

When installing the watch, it is very important to check the ideal height. It needs to be hung from 1.70 m. Thus, it is slightly above the visual height of a person standing. This way, it also does not hinder the free spans and has a good field of view for the consultation of the hours.

Regarding size, the watch should be neither too small nor too large. It is necessary to seek a balance with the other items of decoration.

Nowadays, the watch is a piece that can be placed in any environment of the house, even in the bathroom. Although it does not serve to check the hours, it is a beautiful object that adds style to the decoration.

If you are a more traditional person, your home is more sober, give preference to install the watch in places that are really useful, such as in the kitchen or in the living room, when these environments are integrated. So you can control the time you leave for work while having coffee or making lunch.

For feng shui , which aims to organize the spaces in order to attract beneficial influences of nature, the clock is a piece that indicates the movement of daily chores. So you have to leave them always working.

Do not leave the house clocks at a standstill or at the wrong time. Replace batteries, wind up, repair if necessary.