Warm Stylish Mens Winter Coats

Classic elegance mixed with retro jackets and sports elements – so briefly can be summarized trends in the male wardrobe of the approaching winter. Attractive and diverse in terms of models, styles and colors, the current season clothing and shoes are also very practical. That’s what specifically it is:


Retro wave swells primarily in elegant clothes by category, returning to fashion free jackets with double-breasted buttoning, blazers with 3 buttons and slightly slumped shoulders. The pants also have a different pattern of power in recent years. Choosing models in two directions – high waist and a slight narrowing in the lower leg, reaching ankle or longer, but wider leg. More casual pants and jeans are straight and with maximum clean cut.

Regardless of the model, coats of winter are clean cut, markedly free and without unnecessary details and decorations. Especially big hit will be short wool coats with double-breasted buttoning. They are as elegant as they are practical and combine equally well with a suit and jeans and a sweater. Men who are not afraid of fashion challenges, you can bet the cloak – the other type overcoat, he emerged as a favorite of many of the leading designers. The models are varied – from clean to very daring and allow combining with almost any clothing.

Baseball jackets
Want a casual coat? You’re in luck, because in the approaching winter jackets type baseball are no less relevant than short coats and cloaks. The dress jackets are tailored by mensjacketsstore.com, but in terms of the materials for making the choice between skin, suede and Coated fabrics lining. In many cases the collar and the elastic part of the sleeves and at the bottom are a different color. If it is sporty, quiet jacket can be worn with elegant clothes by category – for breaking the strict kind of outfit.

Polo collars
During the colder months no man could allegedly in fashion unless he has at least a wool or cashmere turtlenecks. In terms of its size there are no restrictions – it’s all a matter of personal taste and style. The same applies to the thickness and the type of knitting a sweater. However, it is well to bear in mind that small and simple models are more practical because it can be worn under a jacket, even under another sweater, providing much-needed warmth.

Leather and fur
Skin is back with a vengeance in the male wardrobe, sprinkle it with a generous dose of rock chic. Designers showed not only a variety of coats and jackets, sewn by her, but also trousers and shirts. In the current winter clothing skin present as part of a different type of clothes – in the form of pockets, lapels, sleeves, belts and whatnot. Exactly the same function is loaded and coat. Exclusive hit in female clothes for the winter over the past few years, she quite naturally expand into menswear. The good news is that it is quality and nice looking, fur is not necessarily true. On the market are quite successful imitations, which are at times cheaper.

In winter shoes undisputed leader in popularity are those resembling tourist. Although they are shaped similar to theirs, current models are not so rough sole, maximum cleared are most often made ​​of leather or suede. All this makes them suitable for wear as jeans and casual pants and suit.

Colors and prints
Just as with women’s clothing biggest hit in color is gray in all its nuances – from very dark to very bright. Much of the world’s leading designers presented outfits entirely in that color – such as charcoal suits, coupled with dove gray shirts and silver jackets combined with dark gray jeans. As a neutral gray color blends wonderfully with all the others – in many cases even better than black and white. Pretty nice is its combination with chocolate brown, which will also become obsolete in the winter. The range of neutral colors will diversify burgundy, tan and all shades of blue, including electric.

The star of the season among the prints it would box – as a wholesale better. It will cover all clothing and accessories, and the company will make its stripes, animal and geometric motifs and abstract images.