Water MP3 Finis Neptune Review

Every time we are more users we use mp3 water in the pool. I don’t know if you’ve tried any, but since I have started to use them whenever I go to the pool (outside my group hours) is another element that I put in the backpack. Allow me to enjoy the water along with another of my favorite hobbies: music.

Already more than one month ago from Finis have sent us a Finis Neptune aquatic mp3 test unit, and after a few test sessions we are able to write and comment on it.

Before nothing comment that unlike other aquatic models of mp3 in which headphones are inserted into the ear, this waterproof mp3 player works by bone transduction (it transmits the sound vibrations through the skull).

The storage capacity of the player is of 4gig, equivalent approximately to 1000 songs.

Rechargeable by USB which takes about 8 hours

Waterproof to 3 meters

Here’s what comes in the box we received

The mp3 itself (body+headphones)

An instruction manual (in several languages, including Castilian)

A mesh bag to store it in the bag of the Sports Centre. Recommended use so do not mess the cable with some other element you have in your backpack

A USB connection to the computer cable (serves to charge the device and to pass songs)

Let’s see in detail the player

It has a small Led screen, in which you can choose music to play and see information about what song are listening to and you can surf its configuration options

As you can see does not have many buttons that get lost

1 – Scroll up / increase volume (hold)

2 – Scroll down / decrease volume (hold)

3 – Turn on – turn off (hold down for 5 seconds, not 3 or 4 but 5) / play-pause / select

4 – Back

Beware of the sound that you put, because if you put it at the top… and you’re out of the water can hear him clearly the rest of swimmers from the adjacent streets… that Yes, once inside the water so only you will hear it.

Here you can see the lower part of the body, where is the port of loading / uploading songs. It does not lack any protective cover.

Rear. The yellow part is the clamp that you hook to the tape on the back of the glasses

The two handsets. Sound is transmitted through vibration, and as we have seen is one of the best ways of transmission of sound underwater.
One of headphones has a Play button / Pause to get easier once you have started to swim stop the music promptly. And both have a clip to attach the headset to the sides of the glass.

This is the part of the headphones that will be in contact with your head.

Here you have a test in the pool, the body of the mp3 attached to the back of the glasses and headphones on the side.

Load music

Music charge is as simple as connecting the device via the USB cable to the computer and drag the mp3 to the disk drive that appears as FINIS, according to photionary.

Performance and characteristics of the unit

The unit does not support different Playlists. What if you can is specify the songs that you want as “Favorites” and say that only touch the favorite.

And you can also say that by group/singer, and within this group/singer touch choose from one of their albums or tell it to play all the albums of the singer.

Among the configuration options you have to repeat once finished with the last song which is in the list and that play songs randomly (default OFF).

Once you’ve put you the mp3 on your website

You just need to enjoy the pool with him.

Our views in this respect

The first day I took a surprise when tested, already that Iñaki told me that he heard perfectly and I on the other hand other mp3 that I have at home (cheaper) obtained much better sound quality than this. But then I realized that the problem was that I had forgotten to get plugs in the ear. I.e., for use this type of mp3 by transmission bone makes missing ear is well plugged or the vibrations of the water entering the ear all sound distorted. So after getting plugs that I use regularly in the pool I can check that the sound quality has nothing to do…It is fine. Therefore and to take into account – > need additional plugs (if you bother to carry standard plugs, you have the option to get somecaps custom pool) , but many of us already carry them habitually.

In the usual aquatic mp3 (handset gets in the ear) you will have a problem if the headphones that bring not fit perfectly with the shape of your ear, and quality leave much to be desired or you will become crazy. There is no form of ear problem this type of mp3.

Having no headphones removable (are attached by cable) there is no way that by a chance you let go of them and mess in the water with them loose (other MP3 if you do this – > they will no longer be waterproof and you can load them yourself)

They are suitable for both pool and open water.Manufacturers recommend to insert them in fresh water after each use for better maintenance. And also emphasize that although they can be used in open water, we do not recommend it… there always better be the Parrot of all sound that can come from outside (there are many accidents with boats, motorboats… with people swimming in open water, don’t put another lock more). Said this, if you are one of those who swim in open water, we recommend take a look at another product that I already did a review: SaferSwimmer buoy for safety in open water

The LCD screen with your singer/album/random play options are fine and are not available in other 2 mp3s that we have been tested.