Wedding Gown Designs for Pregnant Brides

Pamela, young bride of 2013, has recently discovered to be pregnant. What to wear on your wedding day? Replies the Wedding Planner Roba Da Women

Bride, with the big belly.

Pamela feels uncomfortable, torn between happiness for this wonderful discovery, and the fear of being criticized. He asks me advice for the wedding dress, she does not know whether to opt for a large gown, empire building, or on a model a little bit closer, even if the wedding day will be near the end of pregnancy and her belly will now become a big belly.

Years ago this was seen as a shameful situation, the girl would have anticipated the wedding, or wore a voluminous dress that would hide all forms. As my advice, I think there is not really anything to be ashamed of, even if for some it is still an embarrassment. It ‘a beautiful thing, the fruit of your love, so, what’s the problem ?! Dear Pamela, I will strongly suggest a dress that makes you feel at ease. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and you from this moment on you will be even more beautiful than usual !!! Currently there are adherents Maternity models, which bring out the forms. Why hide this joy ?! But it is clear that you have to feel comfortable, then you choose an empire style dress or a more fitting model, the important thing is that you’re okay with yourself. The only caution: do not wear high heels! Related work clothes for maternity at Maternityetchic.

Pamela also asks for advice on color: her mom suggested to stay on pastel colors, white being the symbol of purity. Honestly, I am of the idea that a girl pregnant can safely wear the white dress, the important thing is that do not exaggerate with necklines and transparencies (thing I would recommend anyway, by getting married in the Church must still cover the back and chest of respect for the sacred place).

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