Wedding Hair Accessories 2013

Wedding hair accessories can make to that unique touch of glamour and sophistication. Here is the most beautiful for the 2013 season

Wedding Hair Accessories 2013

The wedding hairstyle is a very important part of the look, because it is the element that defines the character of the dress. For example, a lady who choose a style “flower child” can let her hair down and say no more, the flowers are perfect for romantic and classic brides tiaras for those with a mind to resemble as much as possible to a Princess.

How do you choose the right accessory? First of all you must define the hairstyle and this step must be addressed taking into account both the facial features is the dress. For example, if you decided to wear a shoulder coverage with a collar, you better pick up her hair, while Bare shoulders are indicated for a semi-harvest.

Your hairdresser should ask you a photo of the dress or maybe to bring, at the time of the tests, at least the piece above, the one used for the Church. We come now to the accessories.

  • Tulle Range applications.It’s really a product romantic and very stylish. It can look like almost in a turban and is suitable for a young bride and especially for a hair style collection.
  • Tiara or tiara.In this case you don’t need to do is decide the look, because the tiara is good with any hairstyle (collection, seed-collecting and loose like Kate Middleton). Avoid favorite glitter crowns and thin file or pearls.
  • Pins or Barrettes.I am a very chic and shown with her hair. You could apply them sideways, maybe over a 1920s-style ear, but also at the top of the head, where then fasten the veil or behind around the bun.
  • Is great return because it is increasingly prevalent taste of vintage. Can be of different kinds (integrals, applied to a headband or a chip clip).