Welcome To The Whole Swimsuit!

You have already spoken on the blog of the byekini: entire swimsuit, but it seemed to us important to dedicate a full post to see the models that exist, and what better way to show you our favorite celebs enjoying the beach in swimwear which is taking time.

If you are thinking of buying you a new bikini, think twice, because the trend is to wear clothes one piece for a day of Sun and relaxation.For starters, here’s the classic model of byekini, in one piece and without a complicated design selling on ezinereligion. This model has the high shot, it may rise waist like that’s Kylie Jenner, or a little below the Selena Gomez or almost reaching the hip as the of the great Beyonce. Is yours so flirtatious want to look. This swimsuit, will help to accentuate your curves and Verte regia in seconds!

Next byekini model combines two trends, there are different types, and here are three that you choose your favorite. Emma Roberts looks like a swimsuit with laces, a fun style that would be better in a more vivid color! The opposite of Vanessa Hudgens , which looks spectacular in that electric blue byekini that combine very well with mirror lenses. Then we have Camilla hair, Fifth Harmony vocalist with cross agaves that give a unique touch to the swimsuit, you can combine your favorite with the CAP Tokyo, and you’ll be ready for your summer day!

We recommend the cream serum for control of hair be sexy chic curls to keep our tidy hair and make it easier to comb after leaving the sea. And for the more daring, there is the model of low-cut byekini, you can choose with which you feel most comfortable and safe. First, we have Rihanna showing to see sexy should not exaggerate the look very much. Remember: less is more! And again we have theHalointerpreter, who is a fan of this summer fashion, the detail of the swimsuit, gives it a youth plus her look. To his right, Miley Cyrusdazzles in this byekini which could also be used as body, no doubt a very pronounced, only for brave cleavage.

We have given you many options so this summer use your favorite byekini, remember that it is very important you try bathing suit before buying it, there’s nothing like a day at the beach be comfortable! That Yes, don’t forget to care for your eyes from the Sun, read this post about How to combine your lenses mirror.