What Bait to Use for Trout Fishing

The trout fishing is one of the most ancient types of fishing, which are essential technique and the presence of bait to get success. The use of the methodology is quite important: the rotation and the movement stimulates the bite alarms bait fish, and must be parameterized in a different way, according to the depth and the water temperature. But what is the best bait you need to employ to be able to fish for trout ?? The following practical and detailed guide on display in the next steps, you’ll find out which bait to use to not go home with an empty basket!

Of course, the best bait that you can find in circulation is the silkworm, which is a small larva selected by many fishermen and for its liveliness (even water) for both its attractiveness and appeal of the trout, as well as for its low purchase cost. In certain fisheries contexts, however, it was banned because, if ingested, could cause the death puncturing the stomach of the trout. Alternatively, then, you can successfully use salmon eggs red, sold in specialty stores in convenient cans similar to those traceable in supermarkets for use in the kitchen. Some anglers use as bait also the same trout eggs present inside the fish, always with interesting results.

Another school of thought is given to “do it yourself full”, even for the pasture to be used in trout fishing: therefore, no bait purchased at the stores, but only those made ​​and prepared at home. Make a homemade bait, in fact, it is very simple and takes just a few ingredients: a little of pasta (such as tempestine or the stars); a pinch of salt; some trout roe; a small amount of anchovy paste. The operations you have to make are as follows: Cook the pasta in water salted; add the eggs, anchovy paste and salt until mixture is smooth.

One last pasture, always creatable with the “do it yourself” and that has provided some positive feedback in terms of palatability on trout, is similar to the previous one, but slightly more refined. Specifically, you will have to start preparing the pasta in well salted water to which you have to add a little of anise or vanilla essence (while cooking).

Then, when it will be totally impregnated intense aroma of a essences, crushed some salmon eggs inside the cooking pot and add a small amount of red dye. in doing so, the drained and mixed compound, look like the trout and eggs It will certainly lure of success.