What Can Be Beautiful And Fashionable To Wear A Cardigan?

Forever beautiful, classy and elegant, it is necessary to understand the modern fashion trends in the world and be able to take the right path and in harmony. 
Cardigan-this is the element of women or men’s clothing that would fit perfectly in any form, is easily combined with a variety of clothing styles, but also a very practical and comfortable type must have any time of year. That’s true, because without a cozy cardigan, warm and beautiful it’s hard to imagine a cool summer night in early fall or early spring the days are hot.

Sire Lord Cardigan considered Cardigan, James Thomas Bradnell, a brilliant military leader and a favorite of the public, according to the memoirs of his contemporaries, was owner of a wonderful flavor and clothes was no exception.
Interestingly, he paid attention to not only your appearance, also affected the soldiers entrusted to host the efforts of Lord Cardigan British were used under uniform uniforms warm and comfortable coats, who became the first prototypes of modern cardigans.

Jackets buttoned collar seemed to mesh without Externally very same name appeared just in time, following the death of the ancestor.
In the future, this type of clothing I made my own ups and downs, visited the peak of popularity, especially after the brilliant Coco Chanel introduced the world to the new styles of cardigans, fitted silhouettes with big pockets when passing that are very beneficial to extract form.

Here, for example, in u.s. history, such clothing is closely related to the University movements: cardigan was part of the student, combining it with a white shirt and trousers was, so to speak, a traditional Ivy League students. Cardigan long time and was pretty clothes exclusively male clothing, but over time, like many other men, women migrated to embrace.

Today many people the fair sex asking what you can wear a cardigan that elegant, modern and interesting image? The answer is very simple: it is as unique and versatile clothes that combine it with other items of clothing to the inability simply because for this role fits almost everything.
But, to get really harmonious and sophisticated image, you should still consider some of its features. Despite the fact that the cardigan is essentially irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of any woman he never takes place in centres holistically, and always acts as a nice complement, elegant and very comfortable.

What Are?

But still understand that before real sweater instead, coat or any jacket because they are all very similar, and contemporary fashion boldly blurring the boundaries between different types of clothing?

Cardigan for women–a kind of coat that has several distinct characteristics–the presence of buttons for the v-neck and collar absence more than deep.
Global designers constantly working on the development and improvement of this type of garment, each year new collections necessarily diluted couple new cardigans that more and more away from the traditional definition.

Cardigan today can be a long and short (up to the mid-thigh or knee), free or equipped associated with wool or sewn from fabric.

It should be noted that the “buttons to the bottom” principle has also become slightly blurred because the fashion models with different types of mounting (hooks, straps, smell) or even without them.
Can vary and sleeve length-from longer to shorter, and paste presence – sometimes they even provided with decorative elements in the neck. Recently gaining popularity styles with delicate belt and pockets that are perfectly emphasize the shape and make it more feminine.

An important role in the selection and combination with other things cardigans plays the your color, because it can make the full image and more harmonious. They are usually made in pastel colors and subdued, as an option of white, grey or beige perfect for daily routine and easily combined with other clothes.

Black cardigan is perfect to wear to work or Office, moreover, goes well with images of everyday life, but a lot of restraint can be achieved by combining with dark colors.
Online you can find fashion models and saturated, bright colors and colorful prints that will be an excellent Assistant in extravagant and extraordinary image creation.

From What To Wear And How To Choose?

To actually look thing, it is important to know how to properly select, based on the type of their own numbers. For example, thin and Slim Fit girls and model of air volume of average length, it is advisable to stay on the line.

Demi light models, ideally be combined with thick leggings, skinny jeans, leggings or shorts. It is important to remember that the cardigan is best combined with a simple cut, so just add a t-shirt or blouse with light and silk chiffon.
Girls very interesting slip will also look unusual FishNet patterns that are so popular in 2014-2015 year. This cardigan can be combined with short shorts and light shirts, but if you put it on top of the colored dresses made of lightweight annual you can get incredibly soft and romantic image.

For the summer evenings ideal model of cotton or linen that perfectly combined with light and fluid dresses long skirts. Shoes can be anything–from which, sandals, loafers and sandals to go for low heels and nails.

Girls magnificent physical is better refrain from choosing shiny models or very difficult, but rather return your attention to cardigan with v-neck that emphasize breast and visually extracted form. The girls on the way the family can enjoy model with long shelves without buttons that perfectly cover your stomach and pretty and plump surround the hot mom and comfort.

These styles look great with jeans and leggings, short dresses and gowns. In addition, girls with rounded might prove knitted cardigan–which is combined with a neck jumper, jeans and high heels. Brilliant crocheted cardigan must always be combined with the thing in tone, and many models will look classic jeans perfectly straight.