What Drives Me Crazy in Maternity

Back with a little humor to start the week, today have more a part of the “what drives me crazy on motherhood”. Things girls do frequently and which get the shaft. Some of them may have already appeared in some of the old posts, but probably annoy me so much that I need to get off my chest again!

I’m going to start with the TOP of the list, and I don’t see a lot of solution or light at the end of the tunnel:

-Wake up too early. I’ve tried everything; leave the room without 1 light wire in the morning, I put to sleep much later, I used Chamomile tea, don’t bother. The timing of the two awakens always at the same time and never after the 7 A.M.. During the week ok, but on the weekends it’s maddening! But the point that most drives me insane is that when one of them wake up, I wake up and begin to pull me asking me to do Toddy, turn on the tv, there’s no mercy with Mama. I am a humorous, but before 7 A.M. I’m the worst person in the world. Jealous of my friends children agree the 10 A.M.. What a dream!

-Put uniform. Each has 1 school dress, the rest are pants and t-shirts. Now tries to put on a dress and the other not? Attempts to explain the 7 A.M. that the dress of a washing or need to pass?

-Seat belt. Enter year, get a year and this is still one of the things that drive me crazy. Is for, to take and also because they take on their own to make like a nightmare. And the laziness that is out with two kids and go stopping at various places. Open the door on one side, sits a, buckle up, turn around, open the other door, puts the other belt. I swear I’m too lazy this whole process … Out daily to Manu gets stuck in the time to come down and be playing escape inside of the car. She dies laughing, thinks the most fun. Now imagine my face when I’m in a hurry and she wouldn’t get off the car?

-Dry the hair. Neither likes to dry your hair with hair dryer and I have to fight a real battle with them. Scream, cry, pushing the dryer …. There is patience!

-The hair Elastic. Not every day I wash my hair. But as the da Bruna is too long, make a bun with an elastic (as she rips CAP). Just out of the shower she can’t wait 1 minute to take that Coke, and always pull on the elastic and loose the hair on top of the back wet, nor let me dry

-Stuff in the car. Okay that girl car is already a mess. Even more car of woman with children. But you also take a giant bag of trash every day of the car? The girls have a power to accumulate junk that I am impressed. Will taking things to the car, from toys to pens, pencils, and go together like a tank according to MaternityGuides.

-Sit on the floor of an elevator. I don’t know where they have learned to sit on the floor of the elevator from home and I can’t get this thing of them. Just enter to go sit in a corner. The worst is that they do it in the elevators of Mall, shops, a super hygienic #sqn mania!!

-Get in the way of other people. This includes open provers blinds in stores and look under or through the crack of the doors of bathrooms. Okay that child love doing it, but the “victims” can’t find fun in these games.

– Let Me talk on the phone. Looks like they have a device that fires when I say hello and start calling me, asking for something, cry … Never got talking on the phone when they’re around.

-Don’t say hello. This is one of the things that annoy me and embarrass me. I can’t reach or leave somewhere without having to beg to greet people and say goodbye. Kiss then, forget it. And worse when I speak: Daughter, will give a peck on mom’s friend … and they run away and not look at the person. It’s not for lack of me trying to teach to be educated, but it looks like this will still take a while….

And you identify with any of these situations? Wait that didn’t stop by here still have more parts!

And anyone who wants to review the other posts in this topic: ParteI, Part II and part III !

Kisses and good week!

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