What It Is and How to Use the Greek Eye?

Why Use Greek Eye Jewelry?

Although the Greek Eye forming part of an ancient culture, often associated with religious matters, he is still widely used today not only as a talisman, but also as a beautiful accessory. Nowadays, the Greek Eye is used as pending for different jewelry, such asnecklaces and bracelets, and also serve as a great pattern for garments. But you know the meaning and the origin of this symbol so appreciated and used? So here’s what the meaning of the Greek Eyeand learn a little of the history of this ancient amulet but as used these days.

What is the Greek and which Eye your meaning?

The Eye Greek is an amulet that aims to protect against envy, greed and any other form of evil eye directed to an individual. In addition, theEye Greek is considered as a symbol of luck, working like a charmthat keeps away negative energies and, on the other hand, attracts good energy. Finally, the eye can also mean the protection and divine enlightenment in one’s life.

The composition of the Eye , your Greektime, usually in glass, usually blue in color. When the amulet is cracked, it has been said that there was a successful protection against the evil eye, and that’s why the amulet cracked.

Also known as Turkish Eye and Nazar, many people use in doors, mirrors of cars or as simple strings or bracelets. Today they make up a fashionable and interesting because it is intended to maintain the beauty and ensure protection.

But what is the origin of the Greek Eye?

It is believed that the Greek Eye has arisen in the period of antiquity to be used in rituals of the Islamic religion. It is likely that your first appearance was what is now the Turkey. In the country, there is a legend that the envy of man came from a mountain in two parts. Since then, the Turks began to use this amulet in order to protect themselves from the evil eye.

Over time, the Eye Greek ceased to be a uniqueness of the Islamic religion and came to be used by Catholics. Due to the spread of the Christian faith at the time, this talisman became famous worldwide after reaching Europe.

At the time of ancient Egypt and in India, the third eye of Buddha and the eye of Horus also represented a symbol of luck. Both had the same meaning of Greek Eye, showing that the influence of thistalisman is bigger than we really think.

More than a form of superstition, the Greek Eye goes back a historic old belief interesting. The amulet still has great significance, and these days, it is reflected on your use varied, with much emphasis on jewelry and women’s and men’s accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.

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