What Size round Loom for Child Hat

Gradually winter comes into its own, which means that the parents of the storage time of warm clothing for their children. One of the main items of baby clothes is a winter hat cap set up properly can lead to colds. How to choose a hat the child to tell you their favorite site tips.
Children’s hats can be both winter and autumn. It is better if the child wardrobe will limit both varieties. Clear weather can make parents very next day “winter” baby. The child must feel comfortable regardless of the weather.

For early fall are best suited ochipky, on top of which is made of waterproof fabric and neproduvaemoy bolonyeviy. The lining must be made from this fabric, which can “breathe” child’s head. Caps can be any style: Cap-cap with visor, zhokeyka, hat with ear, is (for girls), and other styles. CAP should be modeled structure and limit more tightly attached to the child’s head in terms of design may include rubber latches, straps and fasteners.
For late autumn to choose baby hats are made of velvet, fleece, wool. Knitted hats no less popular than knitted hats. Cap late autumn should not miss the cold air during a sudden gust of wind. Cap late autumn should be good to keep warm, even in the less cold. Hats for late autumn – a hat with earflaps, hats with visors and knit hats with strings and “ears”.
Hats for the winter – is primarily a cap. And the coat can be both artificial and natural. In these winter hats can be used various materials. Very popular light and warm hats that have filler Swan and hhacheho down. Unfortunately, some children such capsules can cause allergies.
When choosing caps must pay particular attention to the size of compliance: cap should not go out or press. Preferably the cap is made from natural materials. Material caps should not irritate baby’s skin and, moreover, because he has allergies.
So you already know how to choose a hat child. Good luck to your favorite site tips.