What to Wear This Autumn on the Feet

Like any fad, shoes change again and again in terms of trends. Each season, there are other shoes that are in trend. Everyone is up to whether one makes with the trend, or skips. In the autumn season 2016 are again boots a must have.In recent years, boots could be not high enough. Overknees were the absolute hit and have set the tone in the selection in the shoe business based on Topb2bwebsites.com. The trend this year, however, again to ankle boots. This ankle-high boots can be combined easily to everything. You just as well look to feminine outfits such as blouse and skirt to jeans and flared trousers. The trend material in autumn 2016 is suede. Earthier boots, which look a bit rustic, are trend. Shoes with Rhinestones that are trimmed on noble, however, remain in the closet. The colour trends are natural colours such as beige, Brown and black. Massive block paragraphs are particularly trendy. Pfenning paragraphs may like to Hibernate in the closet. Block-heeled shoes in all colors and shapes, even in wood are the highlight of this autumn. There are nice offers in any form and in a huge price range on all major online stores and in all shoe stores. After a gedeckteren fall, an even more colourful spring and an equally bright summer awaits us in 2016. New year-new trends. From the subtle Suede’s ankle boots away and down summer highlights. Whether it’s mega high plateau wedges, pumps, peep-toes and sandals. Main thing is colorful and flashy. Bright colorful should be not only the upper materials, but also sole or interior of the shoes. The trends go to bold colors such as pink and blue best in combination with the retro look. Ever more colorful and colored, more better. Are colors such as turquoise, money, purple, Orange and blue. At best all together combined in a shoe. Combinations like Orange and purple or red and pink but as pink and blue require courage to paint; a must-have for real fashionistas. The whole thing is who to bunt, which relies on solid shoes with colorful patterned ornaments. Blue shoes with a paragraph brilliant all colours of the Rainbow are as eye-catching as wildly patterned shoes. Also bright Schuhedeko, colorful woven patterns, coloured bands, or colorful holes for laces come to season on us in the next spring and summer. Also mega high plateau wedges come out again big next summer. Colorful, in a trendy zigzag pattern, but also gold is once again allowed and not only for more elegant evening shoes. Color-shy people are solid shoes with Cork plateau or maritime stripe pattern in fashion. This diverse selection of shoes each should snap up the perfect pair of summer shoes.