When Can I Take the Pregnancy Test

Anxiety to confirm a possible pregnancy may cause you to take the test too early to be detected by some tests.

When Can I Take the Pregnancy Test

There are two types of pregnancy tests , the urine test you can easily buy at a pharmacy and the blood test done in a laboratory.

In most cases the two are quite reliable, although the pharmacy test may give false negatives.

Pharmacy pregnancy tests

The tests are different from each other, it is possible to detect the pregnancy about 12 days after ovulation, a few days before the menstrual delay happens, but it is advisable to do with at least a day late not to spend unnecessary money, the ideal it’s even waiting 3 to 5 days to take the test.

Attention often these tests give false results by not being used properly, should read very carefully the instructions, these vary from brand to brand.

The pharmacy pregnancy test takes about five minutes to demonstrate the result.

Pregnancy test blood

The blood test is more accurate than the pharmacy test, it can detect the pregnancy from about 12 days after ovulation.

This test can be of 2 types a qualitative that indicates only if you are pregnant or not, and a quantitative one that indicates by the amount of hormone HCG present the weeks in which its pregnancy is inserted.

Ask your doctor to pass the second. The result varies from laboratory to laboratory, but most laboratories take about 24 hours to deliver the result.

There is yet another method that can confirm a possible pregnancy, the ultrasound, this examination detects a pregnancy from the 5th week after ovulation. This test is most often a complement when there is a positive in the tests mentioned above.

Whenever a positive occurs, you should consult your doctor to follow up on your pregnancy and start pre-natal.