When You Get Back After Menstruation

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is the stop of the menstruation, maintaining that interruption throughout the entire gestation.

When You Get Back After Menstruation

Every month the female organism prepares to start a pregnancy. One such preparation is the enlargement of the endometrial wall.

However, if the egg is not fertilized, this layer is no longer necessary and is destroyed and eliminated in what is called menstruation.

On the contrary, if there is fertilization, then the preparations remain, since a new being is forming. For this reason it is that menstruation stops during pregnancy. But when does menstruation return after childbirth?

When menstruation returns after delivery

After childbirth, there is what many call menstruation, but it is not.

The bleeding that occurs in the first 45 to 45 days after the birth of the baby is the release of blood from the placenta and uterus.

In the first 15 days, this blood has a bright red color, starting to turn a darker tone, eventually turning brown or yellow, disappearing at last.

The first menstrual period after childbirth comes only later, usually only after the woman stops breastfeeding exclusively.

As such, this means that during these months, the woman does not have a fertile period, being very unlikely to become pregnant.

However, the rule does not mean that there are no exceptions, and as such, if you do not want any surprises, it is best to use a contraceptive method.

For women who breastfeed during the first 6 months and take a pill for continuous use, menstruation usually occurs 7 to 8 months after giving birth.

In women who do not breast-feed, or breastfeed in reduced amounts, menstruation may return about 3 to 4 months after delivery.

It is normal in the early days to be quite irregular, regularizing over time.

Thus, answering the question “when menstruation returns after delivery,” will depend on each woman and the time that exclusively breastfeeds the baby.

Only after you stop breastfeeding, and with the resumption of the pill used before you became pregnant, will your menstruation regularize to your usual rhythm.