Where and When to Buy Your Winter Coat in Toronto

Nwill, your winter coat of Brazil (even if you live in the South of the country) will not serve to the winter of Canada. Here is cold and if you are subjecting to visit the country in winter or living here have to invest in a good quality jacket, there’s no point. You can put a good value in your travel budget . And it’s not luxury: the cold is very dangerous and can even kill (read this post here talking about care that you may have with the cold). A good coat is critical to your health in the winter and so you can enjoy the cold days without suffering or get sick.

I know a lot of people know this because the questions that are part of the title of this post “where to buy winter clothes in Toronto” and “when to buy winter clothes in Toronto” always come up around here, especially this time of year, when summer is at the very end and the dreaded i nverno approaches. I decided to write this post more targeted towards the winter coat because it is one of the items more winter garment cases, but most of the stores that I’m listing sell shoes (also super important) and winter accessories.

And before I put my short list I would like to indicate some super full posts on the subject I’ve ever rolled here on the blog:

When You Buy Your Winter Coat?

I was terrified to get at Costco last week and already see many winter coats and boots. It’s August, the fall hasn’t even arrived yet and they are already selling winter coats… I swear I do not understand this anxiety by anticipating stations. And I confess that I’m very excited about that. On the one hand I think it’s important to buy in advance your winter coat–especially if it’s your first winter or you have a child who will need a good new coat every year is growing–so that you are sure that you will find the model and the size you want, In addition to that you will be sure to find something (as I’ve been in there for December and haven’t found anything coat of snow). But there’s also the price factor and certainly if you wait until late winter that blouse that seemed impossible to be purchased can be with a super saver.

Therefore, it is difficult to say when is the best time of year to buy coat here in Toronto. I think a lot depends on the need. If you are in your first winter buy as soon as possible, search and find a good coat within your budget. If you plan to live here for a long time but don’t have much money now look for used clothing stores or cheaper coats, and maybe at the end of the season you buy a jacket cooler for the next winter.In the case of Thomas he grew up a LOT last winter for this, but I do not know what number he will be wearing when the cold comes, then I have to buy very close to the same winter. And it is super important that he have a good coat because every day he will play in the cold from daycare. In our case we already live here 7 years and we have good cold-coats, but I’m always keeping an eye on settlements of end of season (January/February) to see if I can find something good for next season.

Where To Buy Your Winter Coat?

Ta there a SUPER hard question to answer. This is because the location where you will buy your coat will obviously depend on how much you want to spend and your taste (if you care or not for brands, if you don’t mind wearing used clothes, and so on). And sometimes you go into a store in a week and can’t find anything within your budget, but from there the two weeks this same shop a promotion and the price of the coat falls at half price. Or worse, you liked a coat but wants to wait a few days to see if he does not promote and when it arrives at the store the other week over that jacket or not has your number. All these situations are common to happen and that’s why it’s important go searching the values and already have in mind more or less what you want. Below I made a list of a few places where you can find cold coats, for all tastes and pockets.

Thrift Stores: thrift shops or used clothing store are an option for you to buy coats of quality (i.e. who will handle the cold here as well). The main thrift stores of Toronto are the network’s Goodwill and Value Village. There are shops scattered throughout the city and just click on the links you can do a search of the stores closest to you. It’s worth mention that you find great finds there and good coats for CAD $50. Of course you must have luck and patience to search in the middle of the whole mess, but you can find great deals.

Outlet stores: Toronto has 5 outlets: the Vaughan Mills, the Outlet Collection at Niagara (Niagara Falls), the Toronto Premium Outlets (Halton Hills), the Tanger Outlets (Cookstown) and the Dixie Outlet Mall (there are only 20 minutes from downtown Toronto, but I found it super bad and don’t nominate for anyone). They have some great stores and in many of them you can find winter coats with great prices. Among the shops that I going are GAP, Oakley, North Face, Under Armour, Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Tommy, Nike, among others. Have to actually spend a day looking at everything and one day before looking for coupons online that will give extra discounts.

Sporting goods stores: a more expensive option but with incredible articles are the shops with sporting goods spread over Toronto. Among these shops are MEC, Sail, Sport Chek, Patagonia and Sporting Life. My favorite is the Sail and we always pass in the liquidation of the seasons, which happens at the end of them, especially the winter settlement which is great. This year we went in the store in February and found many good products and great prices (husband left with 4 pants for the price of 1). In these shops you can also find boots and winter sports equipment, for those who want to venture into the world of snow.

Department stores: stores like Costco and Walmart have a piece of clothing and you find good winter coats and with great prices. Gotta watch because the models and sizes end up super fast, so the popularity of these places. At Costco I’ve stopped buying in one day and back the next and there was no jacket–any size. At Walmart I’ve never looked the part, but I’ve seen several people comment on social networks who bought clothes from there and felt warm and safe, so if you don’t care about brand and want to spend little this may be an option. There’s also the Joe Fresh, which is a network of Loblaws supermarket brand clothes that often has your store within the markets, and that sells coats of snow beautiful and with great prices. And finally there’s the Winners and Marshalls, stores that are great and this time of year are already beginning to put coats and more coats. The layout of this store is the same as in the Costco: like it? buy! Then you can experiment with calm at home and if you don’t like it, you can return the product. Which is not to lose the coat would be perfect for the long months of cold, isn’t it?

Thrift shops of Kensington Market: a tradition of Torontonians is “tweak” used clothes in thrift shops of Kensington Market. Among the most famous neighborhood thrift stores are the Flashback, Flashback 2, King of Kensington, Vintage Depot and Off the Truck. According to the reviews I’ve read of this places you can buy a great winter jacket brands for CA $75 -85. But again, you have to have luck and patience to look for your ideal coat.

Toronto Snow Show: in October the Toronto Snow Show, an exhibition of winter items (clothes, sports equipment and more). I was two years old and already managed to buy several things, including my ultra cheap winter coat hotter than I paid 1/3 the amount charged in a normal store. I always point out the fair here on the blog and I’ve had readers going there, paying the entry and not finding anything good. So it’s really hard to tell if it’s worth it, because it involves the payment of the ticket (which costs about CAD $20 to enter). Always worth it for me and I think he/she gives to research before you go and get some discount coupons or free entry for not “lose nothing if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

And Oh, I forgot to somewhere? I await the comments of you to places where you can buy winter coats here in Toronto.

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