Where to Find a Swimsuit in the Winter

By the end of summer sales, swimwear deserted most of the rays to make room for jackets and other boots filled back to school. You spend Christmas in the tropics and your bikini is getting old? Don’t worry, Guide-pool said you where to find a swimsuit in the winter

Close to Home

A few years ago, find a swimsuit in winter was the real headache: you had the choice between a swimming swimsuit unearthed in Decathlon, Go Sport and others or a luxury Eres swimsuit, sublime but definitely not within the reach of all budgets (or of all sizes, since the brand does not go beyond the 44).

Today, with the growing craze for aquatic sports such as theaquabiking, more accessible spa weekends and afternoons at the spa, is increasingly strong demand throughout the year. Department stores so adapt, and you have all the chances to find a RADIUS permanent swimsuit and beachwear in the Galeries Lafayette or spring near you. Some stores offer also some new models of swimwear from the month of January.

On the Internet

The Internet, this 7th continent, knows no seasons. Here, you will find the bikini or the swimsuit one-piece of your dreams in just a few clicks. Online stores such as bombebikini.com, offer a selection of brands of swimwear year-round, with fast shipping and free exchanges.

Unfortunately, there are chances to make a swimsuit acquired in the winter part of the collection of the previous summer. This may be the opportunity of doing business, but if you want to buy a swimsuit trend it will rather turn to the brands that offer several collections a year, as Princess Tam Tam , for example.