Which Jewelry Fits the Business Outfit?

Jewelery evaluates every outfit, whatever the occasion. The office look can also be accented with accents and made even more elegant by means of great accessories. However, here it is necessary to select the jewelry carefully and to pay attention to some nuances so that the accessories are appropriate to the occasion and do not lead to an overloaded look.

Less is more

Especially in the job, the well-known motto “less is more” applies to the choice of the right accessories.Targeted selected and placed jewelery, such as a chic necklace or an elegant ring, create more than lush jewelery.Classical jewelery is therefore a classic costume or a trouser suit, and pearls or accessories with subtle jewelery or precious stones are particularly popular here.They look at the look visually and create a very elegant note, without being too boring or – worse – to overcharge.

The matching jewelery

When selecting the respective jewelery you should be as careful as in the stylistic approach.Ear plugs or short hangers are, for example, less unobtrusive than large hoops or colorful, very long hangers.Chains can always be worn in any length, here one should simply refrain from combining several different colored chains.In the case of the rings, on the other hand, almost everything is permitted, as long as they are not such as extend over several finger members or are carried at the same time on several fingers.

Is colored jewelery permitted?

To put it mildly, colored jewelry is not forbidden based on eJewelry. However, colors should be used sparingly, for example, with a jewelery stone or a colored pendant on a necklace.The combination of several different colors with different jewelery pieces should rather be used in leisure time.Also, statement jewelery with a large, geometric shape is allowed – as long as only one such accessory is worn to the costume or trousers suit.