Which Sports Bra Is Best For Me?

If you are doing sports, you want to concentrate on your body. Non-seated sportswear is totally obstructive. There is plucked and smoothly painted and nevertheless it slips or pinches somewhere everywhere. What is really annoying with pants and tops, interferes with the sports bra even more. Therefore a well-fitting sports bra is simply an absolute must-have.

In order to support the female breast in sports, the sports bra must fit properly.For this you can be easily measured in the specialist shop.Then you are on the right track and automatically accesses your right bra size.If the size is clear, it must still be clarified, in which sport you want to wear the bra.In order to optimally support the connective tissue, a different sports bra is recommended depending on the intensity of your sport.

For Hunkemöller, for example, there are sports bras in three different levels:

  • Level 1: This sports bra almost resembles a bustier, is seamless and provides easy support.
  • Level 2: The Strong Support sports bra for a slightly more intense workout
  • Level 3: The Extra Strong Support sports bra is suitable for high impact sports such as jogging or rope jumping

Depending on the sport, you can now choose your perfect sports bra.I personally do a lot of different sports, because otherwise I quickly get bored and I lose the desire.In fitness training, I usually wear a level 2 bra, which gives me the strength training but also on the Crosstrainer the optimal stop.For dancing or a small yoga session is a light sport bustier with level 1, as I have to go barely jumps.A really good hold, and with it a level 3 bra, I need for my passion Jumping Fitness J The violent jumps have to be graduated and with a strong bra stays in its place even with intensive movements

With these tips, you should now be optimally prepared for the sports bra purchase. Have fun with shopping and especially with the sport!