WikiLeaks Supporters Drop Mastercard Site

The thing is ugly to the side of Julian Assange, the founder and editor in chief of WikiLeaks. He surrendered to police on Monday and goes through a trial in which is accused of rape – which has nothing to do with the case of WikiLeaks, it is what they say those involved, but I do not believe much in this story. To make matters worse, several institutions are closing the ways that exist to offer donations to the cause of the site.

Again no coincidence, the site Mastercard was taken down in the morning of Wednesday, after constant attacks. A group that advocates Assange organized and executed an attack DDoS, forcing requests to a particular server until it can not stand, begins to fail and the site goes down. It’s been several hours that Mastercard websites are unavailable or very slow access.

Here at HQ our site was impossible to open both (site globally) (facing the market Brazilian). After performing tests ping, which detects whether the site is working, it states that it is impossible to send or receive packages for the areas of managing credit card.

The Mastercard recently finished sending donations to WikiLeaks, which was previously possible. In addition to this website, the Visa and the Swiss bank where Julian Assange held a personal account were attacked and also went off the air. Other targets were PayPal, which from the beginning of the week prevents users from making donations to Assange, and Amazon, who refused to host the site content.

In this page you can send donations to WikiLeaks.