Windproof and Waterproof Parkas for Ladies

Without several different types of outerwear in the wardrobe, it is difficult to live in the Danish seasons. Each of the four seasons provides specific requirements for function and fashion, but in the transitions between the seasons you also need some protective outerwear. It does not mean, of course, that all people have eight different designs hanging in the wardrobe, for with the selection of Parkas you are already covered in several different seasons, as the design style is super smooth and versatile. Particularly in recent years, the trend of wearing parka has also reached Denmark, where the style is characterized by a long, airy design that always extends down on the buttocks. Thus it is particularly useful in autumn and winter, when you just need to insulate yourselves from the cold, and also in spring, when this flexible coat makes a huge difference.

Men’s Down & Parkas


Men's Down & Parkas

Parkas: an outerwear which protects the tip-top

In addition to parkas for all seasons, you can have parkas with many specific designs with Bridgat, each of which has its own function. It depends on the materials, and everything from windproof and waterproof fabrics to lined and insulating designs. Even though Parkas are all characterized by the long forms, each has a different tag. Some are formal and rigorous in the look with the nearest coat-like expression, while the other is super sporty with lots of pockets and dynamic forms. Some are reminiscent of capes, while others resemble the classic Oilskin jackets. No matter what type it is, Parkas are the ultimate look in choice of outerwear, as you will in any case be fashionable when you wear one of the many delicious models from Bridgat.
Parka for Men

Women’s Down & Parkas

Women's Down & Parkas