Winter Fashion Trends 2015

If that was not enough the first photo to make the idea … friends Bigodine also beware that the following …

So let us just … today mess and therefore the interpretation of this article should be the I Ronia, a lot of irony.

The title speaks for itself: “Decalogue ironic for NOT” fashion addicted “… if you belong to”the other side “do not get angry too… MI RECOMMEND!

We start with a premise (only part “serious” in this article) that is also a way of saying, “it’s not nice what is beautiful but it’s nice what they like !”

We could almost have nothing more to say… ( is not it? )

In fact it is so, so be it the freedom to dress as you like, personal taste, more intimate essence of charisma, guarantee of character and personality, please… conciatevi however you like!

And if ” others ” will look at you with ” crooked eye “think mica may be your problem? Not a chance!

Do you like to dress like the models of the first photo: do it! In doing so (though) you know that those clothes are the result of the creativity of a designer who in making such great beauty has followed a work plan, a project supported by studies, professionalism and reliability and therefore the clothes have to be understood and appreciated for what they want to express.

The point is this: understand and do just what you decide to wear. Not worth the claim that not all can afford certain kinds of clothes, of course, (needless to be false) each of us has a physicality and for each there are different clothes that highlight the most of the more or less accentuated curves.

What is certain is that if we charisma and we just can not help it that you’re safe in that dress big red polka dots that rather than dampen the sides exalts us a bit ‘too much the B side we make you look beautiful.

I fear (alas) that very few of the young people and (not so young) who meet on the street in a “mannequin-like” must clearly discern this fundamental concept.

From here the irony all the more exasperated if it is the “fashion of the moment” to make things easier.

This year is a matter of “a moment” and you are likely to really become “ridiculous.”

My ironic Decalogue for NOT “fashion addicted” (Part 1) will help you understand what we’re talking about.

1 – The vest is back in fashion for everyone in all sizes, to be worn in more ways ” unlikely”… do you see what to choose… in the nude and above a vest / sleeveless jacket rigid or over-padded jacket (just to streamline in a bit…)? I with the question ” waistcoat 2015 ” are in trouble!

2 – strictly men’s shoes with laces and wedge / plateau if you do not want to do without it?

3 – single-breasted jacket with epaulets “slightly” plentiful (and I still remember with irony the straps 80’…)… we just do not!

4 – wool tights pesantissim a, soft leggings to paw “elephant” or socks Grandma to wear under the long dress Slit? (if you have your legs not your style ” long stick ” you just need to arm yourself with powerful anti-cellulite creams!!!)

5 – Stock Exchange… (no sorry…) the NON-BAG … do not tell me that you are still those “outmoded” who would stick his hand quickly in a comfortable and roomy bag to find the keys to the house as the dog pulls on the leash, the baby is crying because he is hungry, everything in a rush because your husband comes home earlier than expected having decided at the last minute not to go to the gym?!? But no! With calm and serenity do an exercise in memory and unearthed among the thousands of mini pockets of your non-stock exchange deconstructed the house keys … come on!

6 – Maxi Pull-Over for everyone to wear as you want … the important thing is that they are of the heavy wool … hard to cram in a little coat, the one worn two or three times … ends up taking the shape of the side B and failure to do whenever you are standing … … certainly not one that it streamlines!

7 – Fashion hair… NO I was not wrong photo … let’s say that the time that you will lose in the evening looking for the keys of the house among the many pockets of non bag the retrieved pettinandovi morning not even a bit ‘! YES … disheveled is better … especially if we have to go to the office!

8 – A little ‘gold never fails … the end, chic … for anything flashy! Easy to take… do not you?

9 – Fur is fur… alas no fur … please … do at least that is not a real fur! (it can not be more)

10 – In order not to miss anything … another pitfall dangerous if misused … is capable of doing many style damage… the skirts in strictly burgundy leather … what to wish for more from life?!

I see you already Bigodine girlfriends, grandma’s socks made of heavy ribbed knitting, skirts 80s’ burgundy leather, maxi sweater over a skirt that reaches to the knees, jacket with shoulder pads and masculine cut, pull over (just to streamline curves) if I … (I recommend) strictly gold.

For combing… no problem… do not bother with … ready to go out with a no bag of a thousand mini CernierONE… a key to your pocket and you’re done!

Until next time! (That creativity be with you … and the irony!)