Wireless Night Light with Motion Sensor

Recently I was asked to test one of the products of the brand Visiomed and I got a little crush for the ‘Dododoo Bear’ Nightlight which I decided to speak to you today after testing it a few weeks.

The well-being for soft and healthy nights station. Dododoo is a night light wireless which allows to measure humidity, to control the room temperature, and reassure baby by a soft light, as mysteryaround says. Wireless, Dododoo moves everywhere.

This night light is 5 in 1:

  • Pilot light fixed(you choose the color)
  • Nightlight sequential(all colors parade)
  • Wake-up
  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer

I will add a 6th point: she’s super cute and mixed… say hello to Mr. Bear…

Our use in practice…

I loved this night light which, with hindsight, would have been perfect during the period where I was breastfeeding baby Hummingbird. It is very good for the night Awakenings. She lights up (cub + screen) and goes out by simple pressure on the head of the bear, so don’t look for the switch. It allows you to see baby, the time, the room temperature and humidity (relative humidity in the air quantity).

The pilot light is equipped with a LED low voltage that does not heat. 7 colours are available: fixed, you choose the ambient color that suits you or sequentially: 7 colors parade which can entertain or calm baby.

The Nightlight is 8 hours, rechargeable by USB or sector thanks to an adapter. On the back of the back burner there are connecting USB, a red LED that indicates when the pilot light is charged and the area “speaker” for the Beep of the alarm clock.

The awakening, however, part is managed by 2 batteries AAA LR03 underneath the Nightlight.

It is equipped with an alarm clock which can be practical and avoid ending up with several devices on the night table. Ah yes indeed, here the Dododoo Bear is on the nightstand of MOM (with shades of the room, the ideal)…

I activates it when baby Hummingbird wakes at night allows me to see the time, my way and the room temperature (which is rather high these days). The fact that it is wireless allows to take with itself if necessary.

She isn’t the most compact but I find its quite handy size seen everything it includes…

Its price? It remains accessible, you will find it on Amazon at a price of € 39.90 (delivery available)
[ right here ]

We liked…

  • Its sober and cute design
  • Quick and simple lighting
  • Its 5 functions combined in 1 device
  • Whether wireless

We would have liked…

  • A little more simplicity in the settings of the revival and the manipulation of buttons,.
  • Why not a little music relaxing to calm baby(and there it would be complete at 100%)

In conclusion…

We love it! I recommend it to young mothers who are breast-feeding (but also to mothers bottle) who wish to see full time night (if like me you like to watch the spacing between the feedings/bottles), see baby put to breast or prepare the bottle and control the temperature of the room. Ideal on the night table near your Chair to rock baby or MOM.

Baby Hummingbird love this Cub, as soon as he see her he grabs her to play with. He loves also fun to change the colors (in position fixed light) by simple pressure on the head of the bear.

I find it pretty, practical and fun… you clearly adopted her!