WMF Miami Cutlery – 24 Parts

Cutlery set from the WMF contains 24 parts: 6 knives, 6 dining forks, 6 spoons and 6 tea spoons to eat.

WMF Miami series is both functional and aesthetically nice. It has won several design awards and can be supplemented with other series. It is both enjoyable to use and nice to look at.


Manufactured in Cromargan ® 18/10 stainless steel
Winner of numerous international design awards
Sharp knives made from special steel blade
Perfectly balanced so it is good in the hands
Superb edge – and surface finish
Hand polished and quality control verification
Multiple series can be supplemented in parts
Can be supplemented in more than 150 countries

There is life-lasting rust warranty (subject to flight rust).

According to a recent report, WMF was founded in 1853 and has headquarters in the southern German town of Geislingen. WMF is one of Europe’s largest and leading manufacturers in the field of cutlery, cooking utensils, wine accessories, and design products. The WMF products are characterized by excellence and performance.

WMF Miami Cutlery

All cutlery are manufactured by the WMF Cromargan ® 18/10 stainless steel-a registered trademark of WMF since 1927. All cutlery are manufactured with a perfect processing and in collaboration with internationally renowned designers.