Wood Glass Display Furniture

The wood and glass combination is a classic furnishings. Durable, glamorous, prestigious, a pairing that knows no crisis. Change the essence of the wood, changing the shapes of the furniture, changing the thickness of glass, we will introduce new colors in addition to transparent, but in general the wood-glass combination continues to dominate uncontested the furniture kingdom.

Even as it regards a complement from the long tradition as the cabinet. The wood and glass display case can be: in classic or modern style.

The classic display case is characterized by the juxtaposition of traditional wood species such as walnut, mahogany, ash…, with a transparent glass, perhaps embellished with decorations in bas-relief.

The display case in modern style tip on very dark wood such as wenge types, such as oak or very clear, the contrast between lacquered like white and black, of square windows, simple, minimalist, but maybe customized by a rather lively color, well matched to the rest of this furniture in the house.

Going from one style to another, the cabinet keeps alive its charm and its functionality, continuing to get a great response on the market today.Let’s see some of the most popular models.

A Cabinet, High from Muro, in a decidedly classical style, the flagship model of B & C.

It is a complement characterized by a rather slender, made ​​of solid wood cherry color and by a glass door, materials entirely made ​​in Italy.

Equipped with 3 drawers with traditional knobs and well 4 shelves on which lay furnishings of a certain prestige, but not bulky. A display case in retro style that makes the finesse and elegance as its strong point.

Perfect in a hall, a kitchen or a living room, or in almost any environment furnished in a Provencal style.

Combinable so much to the style of classic furniture that modern, as dominated by the brilliance of glass, in which the wood is only boundary, the Rectangle Standard VM Art Glass Design.

It is a cabinet wall of medium size. The structure is made ​​mainly of glass, wood only the two bases: the lower one and the upper one.

These surfaces are available in various wood species, to facilitate the combination with the existing furniture in the house: dark walnut, cherry and oak.

A truly elegant cabinet, which acts as a precious decoration on the wall on which it is exposed. No coincidence that the most suitable environment to its location is undoubtedly the show-room.

Much more suited to the style of the modern furniture display cabinet Black Wood Shelves with Bianchi, Think Design Links.

It is a movable wall of medium size, but very capacious with its 80 cm wide, 60 cm high, 9.5 cm deep.

It is characterized by its two-tone wood structure: black for the side panels and for the two bases (upper and lower), white for the 4 internal shelves. Two shutters in front, glass, sliding, give great lightness and light to the whole composition.

A display case from the fresh, dynamic, original. Perfect for any living room with modern decor, dominated by contrasts of colors, typical urban-metropolitan furnishing.