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Recently I read an article written by Antonio Vega, published on the site in Boadicahe did a cost comparison between LCD and CRT monitors. The article is from 2005, and even with the stale data relative to the price of LCD monitors, he concluded that even in terms of cost, taking into account a horizon of three years of use, the LCD monitor was more advantageous in financial terms. If we take into account factors ergonomicos, to less radiation, less damage in sight, among others, the advantage is even greater.

X LCD Monitors CRT

I did a quick survey, with only three models of monitors from LG. the price I browsed via internet, price comparison sites, browsing various stores and shows the best price for the specified model. Technical specifications I got LG’s website. The price of kw/h, $0.31 R, I took the site of CPFL. The simulation performed takes into account three usage profiles: 8, 14 and 24 hours of daily use and 261 days (365 days except for the weekends).

For a horizon of three years of use, the 15 LCD monitor “gets fired. For a type of use as a CPD, 24 hours daily, the difference is brutal, even considering the price of 17 LCD monitor “. The 15 “LCD monitor WINS in all profiles: 8, 14 and 24 hours of daily use. LCD monitor 17 “CRT only gains in cost if used 12:00 am/day.

LCD monitors options are many, these values can vary greatly. However, what caught my attention was very much the difference in power consumption. 15 LCD monitor “consumes a quarter of the energy of the 17 CRT monitor”. The 17 “LCD monitor consumes a third of the energy the same monitor.

It is hard to find any information on the Web about 15 “CRT monitors. as smartercomputing says. I think LG and other manufacturers don’t sell more monitors of this size.

I visited some shops and saw that same 15 “LCD monitors are more rare. There is, however, a wide variety of LCD monitors 17 “.

General Information

A subjective factor, but important, is that an employee who win an LCD monitor to work will surely be well motivated and prestigious:-)