Xl Fashion: Meet The Best Models Plus-Size

For a time, the plus size models have revolutionized the fashion market in different ways. From changing the standards of beauty to cause a revolution for not being sufficiently “plus”, today we show you the best model XL of the market.

#1 Jennie Runk

It is one of the newer models in his career according to PharmacyLib, and became especially known for a swimwear campaign for H & M, becoming the first model plus-size of the firm; something rather striking if we take into account that I was modeling the classic carvings swimwear category.

She wrote an essay on these pictures for the BBC, saying that all the attention that was given to the campaign woke him up a rare surprise, and giving advice to the younger girls with self-esteem problems: is good that we are all different.

Karina #2 Saffi

This British model started the Curve Project Londonproject, which aims to help in different areas – makeup, photo shoots, catwalk – lessons to girls who want to get started in this world.

The model became known was a regular model whose agency cast as too fat, so it decided to be plus-size and promote a positive body image in women who do this.

#3 Crystal Renn

Renn is another event that it went from being a regular model plus-size for a health issue: they had realized that the modeling requirements had led her to have an eating disorder, and when speaking of this showed that standards should be changed in the world of fashion.

#4 Justine LeGault

Elle Quebec put her on its cover of 2013, and revolutionized the world. This Canadian model felt very happy connection to the positive reviews he received the cover, considering that it is a good starting point to stop people from shocked to see curves in the media.

Lawley #5 Robyn

It is the models plus-sizesupermodel: with different covers of magazines under his belt – including Vogue Italy, Marie Claire and Elle France – and face of Ralph Lauren signature, opened the path to a lot of models of this size which are today made a space in the world of modeling.

#6 Ashley Graham

Famous for the uproar that caused a TV spot about lingerie that was banned by Fox and ABC, she spoke of discrimination of curved bodies, considering that society still feels uncomfortable when he sees a “big” woman.

#7 Candice Huffine

It is the image of sensuality: in 2012 was the cover of S fashion completely nude. Inside, there was an interview in depth in which told how the models plus-size are beginning to influence the way in which people see the woman’s body.

For her, Vogue Italy opened the eyes of the fashion industry and proved that plus size women are beautiful, sexy and good models. Now, people want to see more of these “real women”.

Do you know about these plus-size models? What is your favorite?