You Can Now Use Multiple Profiles in Brazilian Netflix

The Netflix began the month of August with the activation of a novelty for months quite expected: the ability to create multiple profiles on the service, which was announced earlier this year and confirmed in May. And users can also take advantage of Brazil.

The idea came after the company found that many users share your account with family members, especially children. The main drawback of this behavior is that not infrequently movie recommendations not suitable for children appeared to them as easily as children’s productions.

With the new feature, the user can create a profile for each family member who uses your account (the limit is up to five profiles). In this way, the child will only have access to videos appropriate to their age; likewise the wife or husband, for example, may have movie recommendations consistent with your preferences.

If your account does not already have the new plan, just wait. The expectation of Netflix is that all customers have access to functionality within the next 15 days. You will know if your account is already covered when entering the service and come across a window with the words “Who’s watching?” In it, you can choose profiles or create them:

Contrary to what we had previously reported, multiple profiles have no charge and are valid for both conventional accounts (with real 16,90 monthly fee) and for accounts “family” (with real 25,90 price). The latter only adds the possibility of up to four simultaneous transmissions from the same account, while in the first, this limit is two streams simultaneously.