You Should Change Your Iphone by Galaxy SIII?

The British magazine Stuff, a reference when it comes to technology, elected the Galaxy SIII the gadget of the year. He defeated the iPad, the iPhone, the Nokia 920 and the Nexus 7 to keep the title. But will the device from Samsung really deserved that honor? I think what were the criteria of choice. Maybe the amount of features implemented? Who knows the number of sales of 30 million in a few months? Or the design? No doubt it was an amalgamation of everything.

And first of all, let’s agree: the SIII is really good. It features all the latest news from the technology industry, among them the revolutionary system of data transmission NFC; a powerful quad-core processor 1.4 GHZ; and a great 4.8 screen “.

Since the launch of the first iPhone, all sites and technology magazines started to ask: who will be the “iPhone Killer” and when will he arrive? I never imagined that it could be a unit of Samsung. But without doubt the Apple found an opponent to your height. In a not-too-distant time, Microsoft prevailed in the computer segment—but when mobile phones and tablets began to have a greater impact, the Apple out in front. Now, Sammy threat off the post according to WHEREVERSMARTPHONE.

There are many differences between the Apple and Samsung smartphones.

First comes the quality of manufacture. While the iPhone is made of metal, your competitor is made of plastic; the amount of apps available in the App Store is also greater, although the best apps are present in both stores; and the screen resolution of the Apple is bigger (326 ppi against 306), although it was smaller in size (4 ″ against 4.8 ″).

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But the big advantage of the iPhone’s operating system, iOS. Any Apple device, either three or five years ago, can be updated with the latest version of iOS, where it is released. Have the appliance that use Android, except those of Google, which is the developer of the operating system, you can’t do that. The first Galaxy S, for example, which was launched in 2010, is only compatible with Android 4.0 maximum, being that he is now at version 4.2—that will require you to buy a new Samsung per year if you want the most modern system.

Android, on the other hand, has its benefits. It is highly customizable, very different from iOS. And the Galaxy SIII has other advantages. Your screen is giant, bringing a lot of information to the fingertips; your processor is impressive, making him a bullet for everyday use; your photographic camera 8 mp is one of the best and has incredible functions, like the zero shutter lag (great for taking pictures in motion) and the burst shots (that record 6 frames per second).

It should be noted that this fight between the iPhone and the Galaxy is not limited only to awards given by magazines. There is a good legal fight between the two companies; and the discussion (that you come a long way) it’s always hot in technology forums, between the Apple FanBoys and the Android Freaks. Only that these people do not realize that the competition will only bring benefits for both devices, as this will force them to be in a constant evolution.

In my opinion, the best smartphone is one that fills your needs and satisfies your personal taste. It’s not a magazine or website that will decide which is best for you. Are in doubt what to buy? Go to a store and try the two, ask to friends his impressions of the device. And I’m sure that, regardless of your choice, you will leave satisfied with any of the phones. Because the truth is that both are spectacular.