Your Book Will Disappear in 30 Days

The Amazon introduced a new type of use of the present books in its online store. Instead of buying a publication and stick with it forever (unless the book is deleted without explanation, as has happened before), consumers have the option to just rent the publications for a certain period of time.

The rental textbooks arrive late, since the Amazon is in this market for several years. Still, it can now be enjoyed by students who are returning to school in the United States.

According to information provided by Amazon, you have to stay with the textbook for at least 30 days. It is his discretion to renew the rent every day since, in total, the rental period does not exceed 360 days – because, to stay for more than a year with a given publication, it is easier to buy it once, no? I understand that way.

There will be savings of up to 80% on the amount paid for the books, depending on the rental time. Great for students, who usually live in the grip during the college years. Plus excellent(!) Even for American students, who still face difficulties arising from the crisis two years ago.

Who wins with this story is the Kindle, e-book reader. It should benefit and become more attractive to users. Anyway, the rented books can also be read on all Kindle apps for multiple devices, including Android, iPhone and iPad.

The notes written in textbooks go through synchronization via Whispersync, Amazon’s proprietary technology. If the player re-rent the book or buy it once, they return to appear in the text, without doing anything to have access to this feature.

Amazon released a tool to check the textbooks available in character rentals. For the same tool also to know how much you have publications depending on the contracted period.

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