Zombie Halloween Costumes Ideas

One of the vintage disguises for Halloween are Internetages zombie costumes. For the popularization of these scary creatures are guilty largely thousands of films in which zombies chasing people and trying to eat their brains. If you are fans of the popular series “The Walking Dead” or you heard about the existence of Emma Stone from the movie “Zombiland” and feel the history in “Hot Bodies” for much more romantic than the “Twilight”, then you should definitely think about whether not to portray this year in a terrifying and scary zombie and intimidated friends and acquaintances in Halloween.

The zombies are reanimated bodies of the dead who are deprived of their own free will and are used for the purposes of the magician that they breathed a new life. Stories about zombies departs from Haiti, where voodoo is the most common. In Haitian laws still on the case, according to which the creation of zombie punishable. However, nowhere says that is illegal to paint a zombie, so if you decide to spend Halloween this peninsula, you can not be detained. According to legend, zombies eat human flesh and blood. Many times described as beings who have a particular taste for brains.

According to the beliefs of Haitians living person can also become a zombie. The case required a special potion from the victim to fall into a coma, to be buried by his family and be dug by Witcher. So he became subservient flesh entirely to the one who has brought from the grave. Many of today’s films are intertwined in the image of zombie elements of European folklkor. For example, there is “likely” man to become a zombie, if bitten. Likewise you can be infected by someone they bitten werewolf.

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