10 Reasons to Visit Jordan

  1. Peaceful Land among military conflicts in the Middle East

The country is located in one of the most explosive regions in the world, however, the country is calm and absolutely safe. No tension is felt. A peace treaty signed in 1994 between Jordan and Israel sparked an economic boom in the country. Foreign capital, foreign tourists, including Israeli ones, flowed into the country. The government is not going to break off diplomatic relations with Israel (out of all the Arab countries, only Jordan and Egypt have diplomatic relations with Israel).

  1. Ideal climate all year round

The climate in Jordan is subtropical Mediterranean and sharply continental, very dry. Average temperatures in January are from +8 C to +14 C, in July from +24 C to +30 C (with average daily temperatures around +40 C). The nights are quite cool. Precipitation falls from 100 to 700 mm. in year. The best time to visit Jordan is spring and autumn. In the south of the country, in the Gulf of Aqaba, due to the special microclimate, the weather conditions are milder, so this region is available for visiting all year round, the same applies to the Dead Sea region, where they swim all year round. The water temperature in the Red and Dead Seas does not fall below 21 C all year round.

  1. Hospitality

The hospitality of the locals makes the stay here truly unforgettable. Jordan combines oriental exoticism with European style of tourist service. See Countryvv for labor market in Jordan.

  1. Bible Lands

Jordan is a unique and blessed land mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. The land where Islam originated. The names of its historical places – Edom, Moab, Ammon, Gilead, Gad, Perea – form an essential part of the biblical directory of place names. The only place in the world where geography and history have merged. Every inch of the earth is ready to tell a legend, every stone is a monument of history.

  1. Great Kitchen

Acquaintance with Arabic cuisine is best to start with the Jordanian version because of its loyalty to the Slavic stomach. Here the eye will be pleased with the color, and the stomach with the choice and quality of dishes. Nothing compares to Arabic cuisine! Food is almost a cult in the East. Delicious, spicy, fresh – these are the three hallmarks of Arabic cuisine. The peculiarities of the climate and the nomadic lifestyle were reflected in this cuisine in the following way: only fresh products are used, a lot of herbs and spices are used for disinfection. Be sure to try fish and seafood, they are best eaten in Aqaba. From traditional Arabic cuisine, you should definitely try falafel and all kinds of sweets. And of course Mansaf is the king of Arabic cuisine.

  1. Good geographical location

Jordan is located at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, has three airports that serve 25 international air carriers. This makes the country open to travel.

  1. High-quality hotel base and competitive prices

Jordan has 230 hotels (from 5* resorts to inexpensive 3* hotels). Over 10,000 hotel rooms are available at prices to suit any budget.

  1. Dead Sea – the largest outdoor SPA

The Dead Sea is without a doubt one of the most unique places in the world. The healing properties of its water have been recognized since the time of Herod the Great 2000 years ago. Dead Sea minerals work wonders.

  1. Tourism in Jordan combines history, culture, adventure and relaxation

Jordan is a modern pro-Western stable country and at the same time an open-air museum, with a rich history and a huge number of tourist attractions. Jordan is a country with museums and art galleries, modern cinemas and shopping malls, restaurants and a lively nightlife.

  1. Petra – The Eighth Wonder of the World – UNESCO heritage (1985)

Much has been written about the Red Stone City, carved into the rocks more than 2000 years ago, but… It is better to see once to believe in the legend forever.

10 Reasons to Visit Jordan

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