12.1 CyanogenMod Is Already Just around The Corner, and These Are Just Some of The Novelties

In the last few weeks Cyanogen is on everyone’s lips by such diverse issues as statements by its CEO in which ever that may attack major brands, its successful rounds of investment or the news that already are preparing to launch the much vaunted first Mobile Android without trace of Google.

But this exhibition does not prevent that they continue working on your ROM, and your development team is already immersed in the task of keeping pace with Google and implement in the minimum possible time the news of Android 5.1 in a new version to be called CyanogenMod 12.1, and which is already being tested internally and soon so it will begin to see the light with their first nightlies.

This new version of the ROM will bring under his arm a good collection of novelties, among which is the possibility of change the appearance of the Trebuchet Launcher, In addition to their classic design of horizontal scrolling it will also include a new enabling vertical scroll among your applications, and where we can find different filters to sort them to our liking.

Interactions in quick adjustments from the center of notifications the latest version of Android they will also act of presence in the new Cyanogen ROM, so that we can also deploy submenus with extended information under the power options as the configuration WiFi, Bluetooth and other buttons.

Finally, this update will also serve to implement two new tools, as a Live Display to calibrate the screen and adjust some aspects related to color and activity of this time, or an Ambient Display that, as in the Moto Motorola devices, will allow us to preview more thoroughly the contents of our notifications from the lock menu.