4K on Smartphone Screens Are Useful with Virtual Reality, Samsung Dixit

When Sony showed a few months ago its Xperia Z5 Premium many believed that the Panel 4K 2.160 p that Sony premiered with the device was nothing more than a marketing gimmick. We had the opportunity to check in his in-depth analysis that certainly there is no appreciable differences with resolution QHD 1. 440p in that size, at least at a glance.

A clarification brought especially this last, far-fetched precisely because a Samsung Executive said in an interview that the Korean giant believes in panels 4K for smartphones, and it is that it can help improve a key part of the new technologies in which Samsung works.

We are obviously talking about of the virtual reality, a technology of the future in full swing after a Mobile World Congress 2016 where was tendency, and that Samsung wants to boost giving away his glasses VR Gear units to all buyers of the new S7 Galaxy at its launch.

I don’t think that it’s a trick, with the time 4 K screens will be trend.

Word of Kyle Brown, head of technology, content, and management of releases on Samsung, however if doubting the difficult task to today that would justify that cost extra:

At this moment, in the screen sizes that we have, there is a remarkable difference so they can highlight and worth moving this cost extra to the user.

The experience of VR goggles will improve with higher resolutions

Some even consider too high resolutions QHD are already handled in almost all the high end, between 5 and 6 inches without distinction, so surely this news fails to satisfy all.

Be that as it may, it is true that introduced in a virtual reality device, a smartphone screen QHD 1. 440p Unable to hide the pixels in the eyes of the user, obviously turning that experience into high definition to which we are accustomed.

This is why Kyle no doubt that Samsung will start to work with these new panels in the medium term, taking on the horizon to virtual reality as the largest beneficiary:

Yes we will do it, since the size of the pixels will be less and you won’t be able see them even with the screen very close, this would be a benefit to the VR.

When we believe it is the right time to move we will do it, as well as the decision on the c-type USB for example, and if we believe that we are on the right track the mass-produced panels 4 K because their benefit for the customer will be worth.

Controversial or not, and debatable or not, the truth is that evolution is logical and the experience of virtual reality goggles will greatly improve, so it will not be forced to go by site on high-end smartphones with 4 K resolution.

And you, do you like the news or follow without believing in the ultra-high definition for smartphones?