5 Smart Phone Myths That Don’t Fit

Smart phones have been around for about 10 years. It is now a long time, but are you sure that you know everything that is worth knowing about them? There are still some myths that stuck from the time we used the “old fashioned” mobile phones.

Myths about smart phone

Today we take hold of some of the largest smart phone myths, as many have always taken for granted, and cleans up some of the misconceptions which are back from “mobiles’ morning”.

Myth 1: “Task killers” for better battery life and make your phone faster

Task killer

In theory, they sound very practical, but in practice the task handlers really superfluous. They do not contribute much either speed or battery life. Even when you “kill” an application, it remains stored in the RAM, so you can quickly grab it at a later occasion. It is recommended that you close the applications when they are fixed, or do not work as they should, because the closure of all applications will actually make the device reacts more slowly. In addition, modern smart phones have their own task handlers, so applications from third party actually is redundant.

Myth 2: do not charge the phone until it is completely discharged

Charging of mobile

We understand where this myth comes from – most will recall the older phone models and batteries with “memory effect”. If this type of battery could not be discharged completely, but instead got charged the battery up repeatedly from a half-full level, “remembered” it this as lowest capacity and turned it into his zero, so the battery faster was “empty”. With today’s Li-ion batteries you can charge your smart phone exactly when you want, and as much as you want to. It is not necessary to wait until the battery is empty before the phone is charging.

* MTP-tips: It is still a good practice to keep your phone charged up between 40% and 80%. A large number of charging cycles, where the phone charged up from almost 0% to 100% more battery power than actually toils if it is kept evenly charged. It is also recommended to turn off and turn on the phone once a week.

Myth 3: the phone takes damage of that is charging at night


Relax, since, as noted above, charge the phone exactly when you want, also at night. The phone registers when the cell phone battery is full, and will simply stop charging. It will therefore not be harmed by being connected to the electrical grid or a PC. In view of the possible fire hazard you should, however, assure you that you are using an undamaged and approved charger, and that in the phone is not covered under duvets and pillows and overheats.

Myth 4: More mega pixels means a better camera!


Not necessarily. Mega pixels has a certain meaning, of course, but the quality of the lens is more important, and also the size of the image chip and thus each pixel. A camera with large pixels captures more light, and the picture quality will be better. It is for this reason that some 8-megapixel cameras take better pictures than individual cameras with 13 mega pixels. This applies of course also for digital cameras, which do not sit on smart phones.

Myth 5: only use original Chargers never Chargers third-party

Smart phone charger

So long you use an approved charger, it doesn’t matter that it is not original. For example, you buy a Belkin charger, the phone will be charged as well as with the charger you got when you bought the phone. You don’t need to be nervous to use a stronger charger: the phone will only pull the power it needs, and stop charging when the battery is full.