6-Year-Old Boy Moves to Donate His Own Toys

Put a sign in front of the house with the words “Free Toy”. That was the idea of ​​little Blake, six years old, from Florida, to help children less favored than him.

The insight of sympathy and solidarity emerged in the little boy’s head on any given night when he and his mother argued about his mess. In a text written in first person published in the collaborative site Bored Panda, the mother, Melissa Work, shares how was the beginning of this gesture of infantile protagonism:

“My son, Blake, six years old, came into my room one night at a time when he was supposed to be asleep.He wanted to talk.How frustrating that situation might be, I remembered that saying ‘if you do not listen the little things, the kids will never tell you the big ones.”

After the mother argued that her son had to sleep and that he should pack the toys as soon as he woke up, Blake said, “But mother, it’s a mess. There are lots of toys to pick.” It was then that she resorted to a classic parent-child relationship: “So many toys are a blessing. There are children who have none.”

“His face has turned, it really hit him and he hurt him,” he says. And then Blake got the idea that turned on the internet as an example of otherness and love for others.

“We can build a tent like those lemonade carts, and then I can donate my toys, they can have them, that’s a great idea, is not it, Mom?”

The mother, moved by the gesture, replied that they would discuss the idea the next morning, and that she loved her “big heart.” But little did not give up: when the mother woke up, the boy had already separated what toys and books would donate (among them, some of his favorites, she points out) and had everything ready to mount the stall, which was mounted in the garden in front of the home with the sayings. “Cheer up, children! Come to Blake’s house, we have free toys for you.”

With the tent set up, Blake’s backyard became the stage for a true collaborative social action. In the first moments, says the mother, many families have already appeared. Some wanted to help increase the boy’s gift offer, others came with children and wanted to switch to toys or books they already had. “One family mentioned they did not have much to contribute, but they had stopped to see Blake’s books, so he ended up giving four of his favorites to them,” recalls the mother.

“Even Blake’s primary teacher came in. She wanted to support him and show how proud he was,” says Melissa. Click here to read the full story, and check out the inspiring photos: